Nosgoth (Free Online Action Game): Watcha Playin'? Gameplay First Look -

Nosgoth (Free Online Action Game): Watcha Playin’? Gameplay First Look

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This time we take a look at Nosgoth, the free competitive action game set in the Legacy of Kain universe, where vampires and humans fight for supremacy. Watcha Playin’? is a FreeMMOStation show where we give you a first look with commentary on the most popular free-to-play MMO games available.

Video made by Trilient:

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  1. Any game where you're only having fun if you prevent others from having fun is a BAD game.Any game that encourages you to be more offensive to your own team than the opponnents is a BAD game.Any game that requires ultra-tight matchmaking in order to be any fun at all is a BAD game.Griping aside, this is a niche game. If you don't like ultra-competitive titles, you won't enjoy it.There is a great deal of polish and care taken with the design, outside of game balance (the forums are as toxic as they are in any other competitive game).I may dislike this game, but I can respect the devs. They have put a lot of effort into this title.

  2. beta key needed to be able to play ? if so, where can i grab some of them ?

  3. You say you "Don't understand how youre supposee to dodge them" dude… They excel at hand to hand. Stop getting so close or you WILL lose every time, you have ranged weapons. Use them.

  4. I think if your human you should stick together so that the vampire cant pick you one by one.

  5. The vampires are not overpowered. You're just bad at not staying with the group when playing as a human. Of course they're going to beat you one on one.

  6. Vampires are Op well duh…. they are Vampires… with super strength <_< if you play as humans and work to together vampire dont seem that op the main point in the game is "Teamwork" not running of soloing like a idiot and why are u bitching on how u dont understand how the vampire gets the kill and such? did u not play the alpha seem like it because u have the scout and sentinel unlocked.

  7. they really need to put like a dodge ability for the humans just saying, very good commentary and video by the way =D

  8. Will this game be compatible with controllers

  9. so raziel was a sentinel and became a reaver

  10. I have beta access as well. It is fun as you guys say and the creators have talked about the game. the only thing I want to say is that the creators say during closed beta the human to vampire win ratio is about "50.5 to 49.5" (humans wining)  everything is good other then that.

  11. More i look on this game more i am sad.Rly vampires have seriously usefull abilites have swift movement and kinda good combo.
    Humans are full if range which is rly sad i would prefer melee human(like guy with anti-vampire sword or something like that)
    But that aside it is just me or the commentator sounds like HuskyMudkip?

  12. Looks awesome but plays out horrible 🙁 if only they could balance it out and move the character a little to the left of the recital

  13. Game is very very bad. It feels very unpolished. I know its beta or alpha or something but its just not playable at this point. My playtime is about 10 hours. Go play the game and see for yourself. If this game releases as Free to Play 6/10. anything above $10 1/10

  14. I must say that you suck at this XD. But thanks for one of the few reviews of the beta (till now).

  15. I've also been playing the beta.  Vamps aren't OP, imo.  As a human, you really need to be aware of your position.. You can't be out in the open like that.

  16. Vampires are stronger than humans naturally but calling them OP shows how new u are in this game… a team of humans playing as a real team can kick the butt of the vampires easily.

  17. Too Funny… suck at that game bro. Don't worry I would too. The Vamps rock the Himans are like sheep to the slaugther….no fun.

  18. Why do you keep run into so close to the vampires? Even when you had the alchemist you were chasing after vampires and leaving your team. It's your fault that you were getting dominated, your team did fine and even carried you.

  19. vampires are not op you donth play og good

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