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Online ESL Games for Young Learners

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Online ESL Games For Young Learners

Finding online ESL games for young learners doesn’t have to be hard! Mooncake English is dedicated to providing online ESL games for young children. For teachers adjusting to teaching online English games for young learners, this video explains how to use online esl games for young children. Using the free PPT you can play these online ESL games for kindergarten learners with your students. If you’re looking for, online ESL games for primary school learners, online ESL games for preschool learners, or online ESL games for very young learners This video will help!

Don’t spend hours looking for online esl games for very young students, Mooncake is here to provide online esl games for very young kids, online esl games for very young children and online esl games for very young learners.

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  1. Hello! I'm teaching ESL students in Thailand and just started having online classes this month due to the restrictions in our country. I love your videos! They're very useful for my classes, so keep doing an awesome job! 😀

  2. Teaching online has been adjustment but I'm loving it. This is awesome. Thanks!

  3. Hello my name is Alexandra and i am in colombia South America, thanks for your ideas.

  4. i thought title was online game,where was the game?

  5. Hie, I am from India and your videos are very helpful for me to take my ESL class thank you so much keep updating

  6. I love thihese tips!! You are amazing and I've been learning so much with you!!
    I am teaching online here in Brazil
    xo, Sayene

  7. Thank you for the tips, they're very useful. I downloaded the freebies but I noticed when I tried to change the word trousers as my students know them as jeans, I was asked a password please help!

  8. HI! I'm new in ESL teaching. I'm from the Philippines.

  9. Very helpful! Thank you. Teaching English in Tokyo, Japan.

  10. The best part of your videos is the introduction, I always laught a lot, especially with this one. I just wonder if you teach online with more than 15 students, for instance. I'm just dealing with it, it is so challengung, thouhg. Would you inspire me with some tips for this number of students?

  11. Hello. I teach in India. Interesting video.

  12. I am teaching online.I am from Kyrguzstan.

  13. You are the best.Thanks a lot for helping.

  14. Hi! Im Gem British Native, ESL Teacher in Izmir, Turkey. Many thanks for sharing, sharing is caring. I only teach online due to COVID19 and I have a Instagram page – EnglishWithCem. This was very helpful, thanks again.

  15. HI ! I teach in China! Beijing! NIce to meet you 😉

  16. Hi I am Amy and I am teaching ESL for 3 years.

  17. This is adorable! Thank you so much. I enjoyed your video.

  18. Big help – About to try zoom for the first time in 2 local kindergartens in Hong Kong.
    We did pre-recorded videos previously so about join the zoom club lol

  19. Hi Mooncake, I'm doing video lessons in Hong Kong. Have you got some tips on games and activities to use when you are filming a video lesson where there is no interaction with the students.

  20. I'm teaching English in Iran. I found your videos and tips helpful.👌

  21. Hello. I'm teaching in Mexico. My question which program you use to make those types of animated presentations or ppt's.

  22. The ppt needs a password to open it. Would you like to share it with me?

  23. Hi, thank you so much.
    I'm from Chile:)

  24. Very, very nice and also so funny. I'm so glad I found these videos. Teaching in Brazil. xo

  25. Are you an english teacher or a basketball coach?? Great video btw

  26. I see the energy in these videos and I think: "I could never do this!" Then the lesson starts and it's like a switch goes off inside of me. Shazam!

  27. Hello! ESL teacher from New Mexico USA

  28. Hi. You refer lots to PPT but what is PPT? Does PPT stand for powerpoint?

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