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Online ESL Games for Young Learners

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Online ESL Games For Young Learners

Finding online ESL games for young learners doesn’t have to be hard! Mooncake English is dedicated to providing online ESL games for young children. For teachers adjusting to teaching online English games for young learners, this video explains how to use online esl games for young children. Using the free PPT you can play these online ESL games for kindergarten learners with your students. If you’re looking for, online ESL games for primary school learners, online ESL games for preschool learners, or online ESL games for very young learners This video will help!

Don’t spend hours looking for online esl games for very young students, Mooncake is here to provide online esl games for very young kids, online esl games for very young children and online esl games for very young learners.

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  1. I am from Indianapolis, Indiana! I currently teach in a b&m school and work for an ESL company on weeknights and weekends. I will be retiring in 2023 and am going to start my own ESL tutoring company. I love this!

  2. Hi there, sending love from China! Love your videos!

  3. Great activity for teaching clothing. The pictures are inviting and the chants are interactive. Great video!

  4. Your videos are great help🙂
    Could you please make a video about teaching through video? I am in Beijing, not teaching online but I have to send 3 teaching videos every week to my employer, I am kind of confused what kind of games I can add in my videos.

  5. So useful and enjoyable for kids to do! Thanks a lot!

  6. You literally gave me the next idea for my classes next week

  7. Hi, I'm from Philippines. I'm currently teaching Chinese kids online. Do you use many cam app in your videos?

  8. Thanks so much. This is really awesome and helpful 🙂

  9. Hello! Your video is helpful. Teaching from the Philippines…

  10. Thank you!! This is great!! I teach in Spain. Now online because of Covid-19. 🙁

  11. Is that laugh at the beginning of your video Messy Bessy? 🤣

  12. How about a good way to teach new vocabulary online??

  13. Hi, I teach in France, but since covid-19 i have to teach on line. Thanks for your tips, it's very helpful

  14. Hi Mooncake english! it's my first time to teach ESL online 🙂 I'm teacher Yen from the Philippines! Thank you for this video! 🙂

  15. your content is reaaaaaaaally helpful 😍😍😍😍 thaaaanks a lot for your great effort👌😃

  16. This was so helpful! I came to China a month ago to teach kindergarten. As a result of COVID-19 I have only been teaching online. I have never taught ESL or kindergartners and having to do it online for the first time is very challenging. I came across your videos searching for idea to teach and tips on how to teach online, it has been very helpful. Thank you!

  17. Hello! i'm looking for something to inspire me and you definitely do that. Really great sence of humor and fun tips. I'm a kindergarten esl teacher from Croatia.

  18. Thanks for the tips, will no doubt help me during lockdown and why not later ? I’m a freelance French teacher of English for young learners and adults too.

  19. Hey. I'm currently going on my 2nd year holding it down in Ankang, China!

  20. Hi, I'm from Thailand and your content is so easy to understand. Keep going!

  21. That’s great! So useful! Thank you so much! I am teaching in China. Kids will definitely like it haha ))

  22. Hello, I’m from China, I can learn a lot of from your video,I’d like to learn something I can use in the real class!

  23. Hi I'm teaching from Chile! a begginer learning from you 🙂

  24. Hi, I teach in Tokyo.
    Thanks for the videos.

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