Online Speaking Games for ESL Learners (So Easy and Fun!) -

Online Speaking Games for ESL Learners (So Easy and Fun!)

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Looking for top speaking games for ESL Learners? Here are top speaking games for online teaching! Find more here: In this video, I will share with you some of the top speaking games for speaking games for esl students. Online English games provides opportunities for esl students to engage in interactive speaking games and activities. These onine teaching activities are speaking games for beginners, speaking games for intermediate students, and speaking games for advanced esl students. Speaking games for online classes is a great way to transition students to the heart of the lesson you are teaching. Speaking games for students also allow students to learn how to interact with each other in a way that doesn’t seem like drill and practice. In this online speaking games, I hope that you will find online English teaching games that will allow your ells to improve on their speaking skills in this online speaking games during your online teaching..

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  1. Please let me know in the comment section where in the world you are teaching from. If you need more teaching ideas for online teaching, check out this video:

  2. Ummmm….you’re not a ventriloquist? Although I bet you could be! My friend has worked on that talent for years

  3. I’m questioning your ventriloquist skills… great tips as always!

  4. Love these warm ups!! I always use 2 truths and a lie As an icebreaker but make them use numbers in their statements since I’m a math teacher! Found your page through a YouTube teacher page and LOVE IT! Subscribed 🙂

  5. Thank you for the great ideas! I played Would you Rather and 2 Truth and a Lie with my ELLs last week. They enjoyed these activities, and we reviewed grammatical structures for would + Verb and question formation. These games don't require almost any preparation and are very engaging for students of all ages.

  6. You look gorgeous Sis! I’ve played two truths and a lie with my students and it’s always a hit! Thanks for sharing your expertise with us!

  7. Two truths and a lie is a great game. I usually put them in groups and let all the students question (read interrogate) the student and let them guess before the reveal. 😄

  8. Your videos are so wonderful! I love the way you film them. Wonderful information!

  9. Thank you for sharing. I like the two truth and a lie game. I can guess the lie in your example is "I hate balloons"… I hope I'm right. I love how you edit. Great job!

  10. Your “2 truths and a lie” is terrific!. I have no idea which is the lie. They all sound plausible. Thank you for all three tips. I’m going to try them out during our weekly Zoom classes.

  11. You are so engaging, friendly and helpful. Love your channel 🙂 You almost be a gift to your students. Also – love your dress/shirt today!

  12. Way to provide useful tips for English language teachers! Thanks for helping the ELL community!

  13. yes learning languages can always be hard if the environment is limited now. thanks for all the great internet online program tips. and nice to meet u too

  14. Dr. H – you’re amazing!! Thank you for these awesome speaking games. They can all be leveled for different learners, and they’re all really fun!

  15. Your games look so fun, and I am sure they are really effective. I will be trying to implement online with my students!

  16. thank u so much! this is very helpful. I'm teaching from Mexico.

  17. That's a wonderful idea . Fun and effective.

  18. How do I get your templates? – they look very good – I'm just starting to teach my adult class on line.

  19. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. I am wondering if you do you have any speaking homework ideas for adult students?

  20. I haven't tried them yet but I am already laughing!! Thank you for sharing it!

  21. hey, just discovered your channel! I am excited 😀 I am from Romania!

  22. Wow, so happy I came across your channel today! Just what I needed for my tomorrow's online EAL class with 11-12 year olds! Subscribed and happy to explore more)) Thank you!

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