PLAY LAN GAMES Online w/ Hamachi (2020) -

PLAY LAN GAMES Online w/ Hamachi (2020)

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Hey Guys! I have an updated tutorial if you guys want to play Couch CO-OP Games Online! Video Link Here:
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PLAY PSP GAMES on Android (2020):
PLAY PS2 GAMES on PC (2020):

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Instructions for Creating a Virtual Network:

1.) Download LogMeIn Hamachi from their website:
2.) Install and Launch LogMeIn Hamachi
3.) Click Network – Create a New Network – Enter Network ID and Password (optional)

Instructions for Joining an existing Virtual Network:

1.) Download LogMeIn Hamachi from their website:
2.) Install and Launch LogMeIn Hamachi
3.) Click Network – Join an existing Network – Enter Network ID and Password (if required)

General Instructions for Setting up LAN Game Session:

1.) Enter Multiplayer Mode (keywords are Local Network, TCP/IP, LAN)
2.) Host or Join a Game (if joining, you must enter the host’s IP Address)
3.) Enjoy playing LAN Games w/ friends over the internet using Hamachi 😉

Consider the ff. to avoid any issues:

a. Desired LAN Games to be played must have the same versions (Region Versions/Locking are not applicable for PC LAN games but version no. do).
b. Desired Emulator Games to be played must have the same versions (Region Versions/Locking are applicable as well as version no.).
c. Make sure to allow every application, related to LogMeIn Hamachi, through your Windows Firewall.
d. Make sure to have Administrator privileges to run LogMeIn Hamachi.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.


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  1. Супер! Автору — респект:)

  2. Will it work If just turn off Windows Firewall?

  3. Does this work on Bordrlands 2 mate ? Great video mate!

  4. guys, does it only work on lan not wifi? what if i want to play with friends on different network?

  5. hey I just want to ask if Hamachi is safe to use, I keep getting a bunch of warnings whenever I enter their site, the main issue is that It says people can get access to your pc through this application

  6. What do you do if the IP listed in the TCP/IP menu for hosting or joining has an IP that does NOT match the IP of hamachi?

  7. Hi well i still have a problem and my friends can't see my servers

  8. When me and my friend want to play cs 1.6,im host and when he joins into the server his ping is 280 mine is 10 and his ping in other normal servers is ok

  9. Will this work with Grand Ages Rome? The context behind this question is that you have to create an account to play multiplayer on the game but all the servers are down and cant create an account. Great tutorial btw!

  10. Hamachi safe. Like fr question Im really scared to use it

  11. i tried with Populous the Beginning and it does not work …
    please help me

  12. Hey, do you think this will work with Hearts of Iron IV? More accordingly, I have a cracked version and my friend has a steam version (they’re both exactly the same versions, patches and all), I also have a steam fix installed to play multiplayer, and it works but it doesn’t work with steam friends, I’m just wondering if I can setup a server this way and play together?

  13. can i play ghost recon co op with my friend using hamachi

  14. Dude thank you so much it worked like a charm

  15. i downloaded hamachi,but it shows a exclamation point with yellow triangle and doesnt work,how to fix that?

  16. Thanks a lot! Now i can finaly play Diablo II with my gf! ♥♥♥

  17. Thank you very very much!
    In fact : Your profile picture is for "Snake" from the famous game "Metal Gear Solid 3 – Snake Eater"

  18. bro i steup everything but there's a problem the ip in hamachi isn't the same in cs 1.6 and others can't join pls help

  19. Hamachi prompts me to log in and doesn't allow me to create a network.

  20. So with this we can play any game online. Like cracked games.

  21. Do this work with stardew valley?

  22. Very good tutorial!
    You explain well and it's very easy to listen to you thanks to your very relaxing and soothing voice. 🙂

  23. Does this work for cracked Rimworld? with the multiplayer mod?

  24. Does the game work on modern game like resident evil5,far cry5,saintrow3remastered and lan co op game?

  25. Can you play games like Ark survival or Dota with this?

  26. My diablo ip and hamachi ip were not the same, how to fix this ?

  27. rise and fall civilisations at war do any play that game with hamachi an lan.

  28. my tcp/ip in diablo doesnt match with the hamachi, what should i do ?

  29. thank you. now im going to try to play swat 4 with my friend.

  30. Can I use cellular hotspot instead of router ?

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