Playing Classic Naruto Games ONLINE in 2019 !?! | Ultimate Ninja 5 -

Playing Classic Naruto Games ONLINE in 2019 !?! | Ultimate Ninja 5

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  1. I use to be god in this game so many combos and broken jutsus love this.

  2. Ultimate Ninja was honestly the best game. When I switch to storms I hated the fact that they put limited on the sub and so many things were missing. especially when two jutsu clashes together that were my favorite part about the game.

  3. Crazy i javent llayed this in year and still remember exactly how to play

  4. I am the best player in the world in naruto ultimate ninjas.

  5. Why is everyone ignoring the fact that the one playing minato didn't use one of the most op down down circle in the entire game

  6. Sound like junior from the Cleveland show

  7. Imagine a developer like ArcSystemWorks remastering this series and just calling it Naruto To Boruto : Ultimate Ninja

  8. Can u play any games (whats available with it ofc) for free?:o

  9. I have the whole set, ultimate ninja 1-5. My FAVORITE Naruto game series hands down.

  10. All these characters on here that are playable on no other naturo game and you guys were playing with these basic ass characters

  11. I remember when ur opponent run out of chakra, they'll no longer can substitute out. N u can do infinite combo near wall lul gud time

  12. Ultimate Ninja and Clash of Ninja saga, was the best games for Nintendo and Sony


  14. So who's up for playing this game online?

  15. i love it so much . how can i play it online ?? i want to play it with others

  16. Your homie was mad hype playing with the yellow flash. 🤣🤣🤣

  17. All the away from UK play a old game on PS2 apparently the servers in PS2 didn't shut down this is awesome I'm not being sarcastic at all

  18. Wish there was a ntsc copy of ultimate ninja 5

  19. Why isn't there a community playing online old naruto games like the ultimate ninja series?

  20. Esses gringos não saber jogar não?! Pqp são ruins demais!!! Pqp kkkkkk

  21. O maluco pegou o minato e ainda perdeu? Pqp PQP😪😪😪😪😪

  22. This is soo cool bring me back to the ps2 and gamecube era

  23. We need this and tenkiechi 3 remastered. I'd much rather have those on ps4 than any of the new enteries. Especially since this game in particular didn't have an American release. Only ultimate ninja I never played and it's the best one :'(

  24. i'm a damn pro at this game i never lost ♥ i still have ps2 and 5 c's of this game just in case if this game disappeared

  25. Shi if anyone got a Naruto discord or something hit me bc I'd def be down to play UN5 on parsec anytime

  26. I wish they remaster this game this was way better then the storm games

  27. Then take a look at our Narutimate Accel channel, it contains everything from friendly battles to fights in high level championships, this game is still alive in our hearts ❤

  28. Just bought a pal region version of this on ebay, I can't wait to play it. How come the US never got this game?!

  29. how to play that game specific? you download it on parsec?

  30. Único vídeo do YouTube do Naruto Ultimate ninja 5 online muito loco 😎😎😎😎😎

  31. Is there a way to play this game in America??

  32. Como faz pra jogar online esse jogo

  33. I only play the first ultimate ninja. But i was hooked. Wish i tried the rest

  34. Can anyone explain the pal version and if I need to get a different ps2 to play it?

  35. The only drawback for this kind of technology is that the Internet connection should be very good and fast or else u will lagg

  36. So much wrong info in your playing lmao. You do not "hold down and triangle" to charge. It's just down. You do not tap triangle twice to prepare an ult, it's just once.

  37. Yes, this game is even better than storm series.

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