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Poly Tank 2 – free online and offline multiplayer tank battle game for Android – gameplay.

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Poly Tank 2 is the single-player and only multiplayer war game on mobile where you can fight against the world in tanks, IFVs and Artillery in both multiplayer and offline mode. You will live in the dream of the commander of an armored division, storm on the harsh battlefields and feel the victory.

Not only will you take part in a regular tank battle, this is a full-scale battle with all the combat forces. From fighters, helicopters, infantry to heavy armored vehicles such as tanks, self-propelled guns. Take a tank, IFV or Artillery and fight your enemy. Upgrade your war machine with a lot of new equipment, from armor to engine, gun. Built with a friendly 3D graphic that can suitable to all kind of players. Cause a blitz with your IFV and call in the support to wipe out enemy. Forge your tank with heavy iron armor. Jump into your SPG and turn it into the nightmare of the enemy. Don’t underestimate your enemy. This is a deadly combat and mistakes are mortal. Watch-out for planes bombarding the battlefield. Make sure you go to the battle with the right camouflage. Winning is key to progression if you want to become an ace in this game. Heavy artillery, Air-support and infantry will be ready every time you need their help. Shooting is intense out there! Feel the immersive action in the battlefield. Looking for the ultimate shooter? There is no action entertainment like this. Hear the call? Winning is your duty!

If you like to play MMO and Moba action games and you need a bigger, better battle with upgradable war machines, this is your game. Want to play with friend? Multiplayer is waiting for you. So form an team with your friends and fight against others. Fight for your national and your pride. This is next generation of the MMO tank game.

• Support both ONLINE and OFFLINE.
• Easy to learn, intuitive touch screen controls.
• Update every week with new tanks, maps, skins, …
• More than 80 vehicles in both WW2 and modern.
• A lot of skin (camouflage) to choose.
• More than 20 skills available.
• 3 grand maps.
• 3 game modes.
• Online multiplayer support 20 players/room.
• Unlock new vehicles choose what part you want to upgrade.
• Champions base on skills, no money can buy it.
• Infantry support.
• Constant updates and graphical enhancements; optimization for various devices.
• 3 different control options: automatic aim, semi-automatic and free aim.
• Play online with friends or against players from all over the world!
• Play offline with intelligent and hilarious BOTs.
• In-game chat and room chat functionality.
• Friends functionality allowing players to unite and invite their friends to play online.

By Criss Cross Games

Free online and offline game.

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