Post Apocalyptic Show - P.A.S. ★ Free Online Shooting Game -

Post Apocalyptic Show – P.A.S. ★ Free Online Shooting Game

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Post Apocalyptic Show – P.A.S. ★ Free Online Shooting Game
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P.A.S is an innovation in the genre of Battle Royal. Running the game, you become a participant in a worldwide shocking show called P.A.S! Millions of viewers of all countries and ages will sit by their TVs and watch you live!

The rules of the show are simple: all over the world we are looking for people sentenced to death to give them a second chance. But what …

We choose 64 suicide bombers who will appear in a wild reality with only one goal: to kill their enemies!

Dividing into the teams of 4 people, you will be put to sleep and delivered to an unfamiliar location. Waking up having absolutely nothing, you will have to find and neutralize your rivals, until they found you first … To help you, we hid weapons, ammunition and armor in hiding places throughout the location. Be attentive – and you will be able to find something that will help you survive.

The team that destroys its enemies first will have a chance for salvation and eternal glory! But be careful. The danger is everywhere. And it’s not just people … It’s something, much, much worse!

Welcome to P.A.S. Ready to challenge?


  1. im so damn excited for this i keep waiting for it to be released i check steam everyday i cant wait

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