Programming 2D Unity Games in C# - Free Online Course with Timestamps -

Programming 2D Unity Games in C# – Free Online Course with Timestamps

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Basics of Unity 2018
0:00:00 Components vs GameObjects – How they Work Together
0:05:46 Differences between Canvas GUI Elements and Gameplay Objects
0:10:43 All UI Components Explained
0:23:27 MonoBehaviours and Unity Lifecycle Hooks (Update, Start, Awake)

Scriptable Objects (C#)
0:28:44 Random Color Changing – Simple Beginners C# Script
0:36:46 Adding Timer to Random Color Change Script – Tracking deltaTime in Script
0:41:13 Scriptable Objects Introduction
0:51:04 Making Items in Scriptable Object Inventory System
0:55:34 Nested Scriptable Objects & Adding Objects to MonoBehaviour Scripts in Inspector
0:59:10 Creating Shops & Shop Inventory from ScriptableObjects

Pixel Art Tools (Aseprite)
1:08:05 Aseprite vs Pyxel Edit – Pixel Art Tool Comparison
1:18:29 Import and Create Custom Color Palettes

2D Visuals inside of Unity Engine
1:21:02 Best Way to Import 2D Sprites & Pixel Art
1:27:50 Control Sprite Rendering Order
1:32:05 Create Shadows for 2D Game Sprite Images
1:43:50 Baked Lighting for 2D Pixel Sprite Games
1:50:02 Make a Simple 2D Tiled Background
1:54:37 Hide Part of Sprite Animation with Sprite Mask

Dynamic Rigidbody Movement
1:59:02 How to Move Left and Right with Input & Rigidbody 2D Forces
2:14:51 Limit Run Speed Velocity Cap
2:22:51 Jump Forces and How to Check If Player is Standing on Ground Collider

2D Kinematic Movement
2:38:03 Collider.Cast – Best Easy Way to Check for Collision
2:42:08 Eliminate Jitter by Clamping to Sprite Pixels

Making Projectiles
2:46:53 Fireball: Setup for Spritesheet Animation
2:54:08 Creating a Fireball Projectile with Movement, Collision, and Sound
3:12:36 Projectile Physics Guide – Curved Path & Returning Projectiles Back
3:45:27 Control Kinematic Object Movement with Animation Curves (The C# Class)

Making UI Menus
3:51:13 Make a Main Menu Screen – Part 1 Setup
4:01:21 Make a Main Menu Screen – Part 2 Coding Menu Buttons
4:12:31 Make a Main Menu Screen – Part 3 Load Menu Popup, Close Menu Button
4:17:37 Pause Menu with Prefabs & Singleton Menu Manager Script – Part 1 Setup
4:23:45 Pause Menu Prefab & Menu Manager – Part 2 MonoBehaviour Manager Script
4:39:50 Menu Prefabs & Manager – Part 3 Singleton System – Unity 2018 Tutorial
4:50:24 Menu Prefabs & Manager – Part 4 Seperating Data from Singleton System
5:01:57 Menu Prefabs & Manager – Part 5 Control UI Menus in Singleton System
5:20:11 Customize GUI Positions in Options Menu

5:39:30 Create Character Talking Blip Sound Effects in BFXR

5:45:52 Spawn Copies of Enemies or Projectiles at Mouse Cursor Point
5:53:35 Actions on Event Triggers Script & Inspector
6:04:11 Animated 2D Door Trigger with Example & Scripts

Scene Management
6:12:51 Spawn GameObjects when Scene Loads through Code
6:18:47 How to Save and Load with Save Files – Unity 2018 Tutorial for Beginners
6:35:01 GUID Manager – Persistent Unique IDs

Zenject (Dependency Injection in Unity)
6:55:35 Introduction to Zenject
7:08:21 Dynamically Spawned Game Objects after Scene Load with Dependency Injection
7:22:23 Game Settings as Scriptable Object Installer

Unit, Integration, and Scene Testing
7:30:23 Basic Unit Testing Setup with Assembly Definition Files
7:42:36 PlayMode Tests for GameObjects in Scene Context
7:50:48 Unit Testing with Zenject Dependency Injection

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  1. Hey guys i'm really looking into starting this course. Can you tell me if i will learn to program myself even a bit after this?

  2. "In this video i wanted to cover the basics"
    8 hr long video tutorial starts playing

  3. would be cool if you taught us how to import sprite drawings at the beginning

  4. wow, you explain in a very easy way to understand. that's good. considering i got to watch it for 8 more hours! thank you!

  5. watching this is gonna be longer than the making of my first test game aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. The tutorial is between good and bad, I'm right now At 42:37 so I don't know if the tutorial will keep at it pace like that or will change in further munites. But as a beginner I had to focus really really hard to understand because sometimes or ( most of the time) he jumps from one thing to another without explaining why would we do that or when would we do that and when we do that. For instance, he jumped from explaining the GUI into coding but he added already ground and character and he didn't explain how did he do that so I had to go watch another tutorial and do some research in google to understand this part. But at least there is an 8H free tutorial despite being hard to understand at least we have it xd.

  7. In fact, gimp has every single one of the features that you listed for both of these programs and many more. There's also a ton of customization and community support ie. yt tutorials. Thats my choice for 100%. I guess its just a matter of personal preference

  8. This is very helpful so far. (30 mins in). Im scared of forgetting everything so now I have a dedicated notebook for this and other tutorials.

  9. I dont know what the fuck happend i was following your instructions but the background somehow is a layer above the sprite and dropdown and i cant even fix that shit i put the sprite on layer 100 but it wouldent show up

  10. "For instance, when you delete a script from your project…" (45:00 give or take) — I'm currently trying to understand and apply decoupling through SO's, to get rid of the avoidable dependencies, because my Unity always starts protesting as soon as I disable a script (yikes). Having a bit of a tough time with it, though, and I end up having to reference other scripts anyway. Yuck. Not sure if there's anyone in the comments who would be able to answer the following question, but: would looking in depth into data structures help? I read and heard that it helps with organization and decoupling, but I don't have a technical background so most videos on the topic are hard to understand.

    Edit: example of my failure to implement it… I looked into that component-based pattern, where every script only takes care of one thing, because all the "pros" are talking about how scripts shouldn't be x long. Well, that particular script was about 150 or so? Which according to their standards was approaching not-done status, or so I've heard. So I ended up splitting it up in small chunks, 6-7 different components… but they all referenced each other anyway. So either I keep it in one script, or I split it up and end up with a bigger mess? But supposedly splitting it up is better? Yeah, I'm MASSIVELY CONFUSED. angry emoji

  11. Your tutorial is the best tutorial foe learning c# along with unity

  12. please… please… add subtitle to your video

  13. Wow. This tutorial is massive. Tons of cool material! 🤓👍

  14. I from Ukraine and this video dont have subtitles (( And my English very bad 😀

  15. This vídeo is long, but it's exactly what i need, thanks.
    But i need some help guys,do You know where i can find a book that tell me step by step the c# programming on videogames(2d)

  16. actually one of the best free coding tutorial for unity

  17. Nice video but the sprite-mask tutorial is SO BAD wtf

  18. 38:46 i didi it on another way can somebody tell me if it is good ? (i did it for the background btw)

    using System.Collections;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using UnityEngine;

    public class Movement : MonoBehaviour
    private Camera camera;
    public float Wait = 1f;
    private void Start()
    camera = GetComponent<Camera>();

    private void Update()
    Wait -= 1f * Time.deltaTime;

    Color rc = new Color(


    if (camera != null && Wait <= 0f)
    camera.backgroundColor = rc;
    Wait = 1f;


  19. Can someone help me? So I have this bug, When I write: using UnityEngine.UI, VisualStudio says that there is no such thing (error code CS0234). Can someone help me? It would mean a lot for me

  20. Even if this amazing course was £/$100 I would still buy it!

  21. 1-2Hours per day to pass a quarantine week

    Thanks Chris.

  22. This video is so good I sat through the whole thing


  24. When I saw the length of the video-

    I just had to press like.
    (Just like you should on this comment)

  25. Put the project pics so that we can follow along

  26. I wish the screen didn't get all fuzzy in key places where you were writing code between 20 mins and 40 mins in..

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    HE Loves you! Come to HIM!🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  28. this video is longer than the time i spend sleeping

  29. On the one side we have one minute tutorials where we learn nothing, on the other side you know what we have 🙂

  30. Question: If you wanted the character to have little to no friction would you skip the Run Speed Velocity cap all together?

  31. I'm learning how to code and make games in C# coding and use Unity Hub and i am extremely grateful how lengthy and meticulously detailed this Youtube video is and this video will be 2 years old on February 20, 2021(that's next week!)!!

  32. Atlast we get what we need rather than what we want

  33. Can anyone help me, because i can't find the Scriptable Object ;(

  34. hey can you do a tutorial where you teach how to make an online game with unity 2d?
    Sorri for my English but i'm italian and i'm only 12.

  35. wow. i wonder why so many Unity Youtubers never add in how to "duck down" (press down input) for crouch to have your 2D character do that like classic mario. castlevaina or metroid. is it that hard to show that process? i only see Brackey out of the many i searched but his isnt that strong of a method to follow. aw well, hopefully you consider that one day

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