Proximity Voice Chat In This War Online Video Game Is So Hilarious... -

Proximity Voice Chat In This War Online Video Game Is So Hilarious…

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Check out the best Voice Chat Funny Moments in this epic online shooter war game called ‘Holdfast Nations At War’. This game always has the best moments when voice chat is on and the game’s community is always funny or welcoming. Let me know if you enjoyed this video by dropping a ‘Like or comment!

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  1. Once again hope you guys enjoy these funny moments in Voice Chat! Let me know if you'd like more by either 'Liking or commenting! 🙂

  2. I think this game has totally won me over. I've been looking for sumthing like this with proximity voice for just fkin around and havin sum laughs.

  3. Every time I go on here now theres never anyone on mic

  4. Types of Holdfast players:
    > H1tler Speech
    > Simping for the King
    > that RP-er
    > the generic Brit/French officer
    > the DJ
    > The 2004 X-Box mic
    > B R I T I S H G R E NA D I E R S
    > The kid
    > Some crackhead bloke from Manchester
    > The Content Creator
    > Tea Baggers
    > The Flute/Drum DJ
    > The Diplomacy expert
    > The Flag guy
    > The DJ's DJ

  5. Saw this video of someone talking in English with France accent, commanding the whole battalion. This was fun watching.

  6. Truly a troll's delight! Thanks for the upload!

  7. Cringe ear-rape. It’s gonna be a No from hear.

  8. This looks like an exact copy of Mount and Blade Napoleonic Wars

  9. Я ни слова не понимаю, но это прекрасно!

  10. Math, is it possible for you to do a video on TrenchesWIP? Looks interesting, would love to see your take on it.

  11. When the kid rode up on a horse "they're destroying our front lines"hahahaha

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