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Today’s update to Red Dead Online brings a host of new gameplay including new cooperative story missions, Free Roam activities and the addition of Poker alongside a range of updates and improvements that strengthen and stabilize the foundational world of the Red Dead Online experience.

This is just the beginning. The future of Red Dead Online not only includes continued improvements to the core elements of the world to make every aspect of the game fun for all kinds of players, but also brand-new experiences that establish a deeper, more immersive connection to the world and your character.

A Land of Opportunities: New Co-Op Missions
The revenge saga of Jessica LeClerk expands today with new missions in A Land of Opportunities for both honorable and dishonorable players.

Free Roam Missions
Free Roam Missions also expand today with new characters from the story of Red Dead Redemption 2 and a variety of new and diverse mission types.

Visit poker tables at towns and outposts across the map to challenge your friends to a private, invite-only game of Hold ’Em. Or, raise the stakes and take a seat at a public table, where the buy-ins and rewards are even higher.

LeMat Revolver, Clothing and More
Switch between rapid-fire bullets and a devastating shotgun shell on the fly with the LeMat Revolver – now available for purchase from the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue.

Plus tons more, including new Offensive and Defensive Playing Styles and significant changes to improve the overall gameplay experience.

Check for details and limitations.


  1. I wish it doesn't need playstation plus

  2. This masterpiece definitely deserved the Online mode.

  3. It was cool until rockstar forgot about their game

  4. Safehouses/harlots/brothels/ places to sleep, masks lets go rockstar, hire me

  5. WOW Online is great. I cant wait for them to release new content…

  6. It's nice to know that we love this game but rockstar don't care for anyone but themselves. I and some many others would love more stuff to the game and players would come back but instead they would rather just take the money they have from us so far and put us aside and honestly it's nothing but a joke. Millions of dollars made but yet incapable for doing stuff for them people who help your business flow haha. Companies like this need to start being ignored so you gain no more. 🖕🖕🖕

  7. youtube recommended this video, how ironic

  8. it used to be Red Dead Online. Now it's just Dead

  9. – All Major Red Dead Online Updates:
    + Frontier Pursuits.
    + Moonshiners.
    + The Naturalist.
    + Bounty Hunters.
    + Blood Money.

  10. I will definitely think twice before buying anything from Rockstar from now on. There will be absolutely NO PREORDERS from this dev in the future. This game had so much promise and they abandoned it because of poor planning and a bad economy system in the game. Rockstar took my money and walked out with it leaving next to nothing in return. Good luck ROCKSTAR with future releases.

  11. "Why did I play this. I guess it was the story mode"

  12. التعريف الحقيقي لكلمة(حسافه) 💔

  13. This is the game that should’ve been milked. Not gta v.

  14. Red Dead Online had so much potential but Rockstar killed it.

  15. I came from the future to say that online is cool, but the economy of this disgrace looks like Venezuela

  16. We don't get any updates anymore 🥺🥹

  17. Fix your disgusting stealth and reward systems

  18. Note to future buyers: This game is no longer supported with new content.

  19. Remember how they said "ever evolving world". What an age that was

  20. They should add Boykin spaniels to camp dogs

  21. I still think Red Dead Online is perfect.

  22. They dropped support a year and a half later and the only reason they haven't shut it down is because they want to keep tricking new players into thinking the game is being supported so they'll buy gold bars. It's a giant scam at this point.

  23. The best game ever!!! I hope you guys will come out with red dead 3 I love this game so much ❤

  24. The best scene in red dead online is when Marshal Davis shot Montez in the head and said to the sheriff at the end if you get asked about Montez " he died in the conflict "😂 That was Gangster

  25. Remember that they released this knowing damn well they would never give another update to it ever again. Do not support this awful awful company ever again

  26. imagine never releasing the second half of the story missions😐

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