Red Mahjong GC (by - free online board game for Android - gameplay. -

Red Mahjong GC (by – free online board game for Android – gameplay.

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FREE Red Mahjong app – play mahjong online real players or training bots. Play mahjong 24/7, chat, compete and improve your skills and rating!

Mahjong variations supported: Hong Kong mahjong, Japanese Riichi, and Red Mahjong for 2-4 players.

Originated in China, Mahjong is a rich game of strategy that you can learn and start playing in minutes!

Like many card games (e.g. gin rummy), mahjong is about drawing a tile and discarding a tile while collecting sets.

All you need in Mahjong is to assemble 4 sets of 3 tiles and one pair.

Sets can be a sequence of 3 tiles (called chow) or 3 tiles of a kind (called pung).

Red Mahjong is an online game, so an Internet connection is required. WIFI connection is not strictly necessary – Red Mahjong will play well even with slow 3G connection.

Red Mahjong app automatically reconnects you if your connection gets lost.

Moves are timed. If moves are not made in the allotted time, a standard pick-and-discard move will be made for you.

Free online game.

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