Retro Unicorn Attack - Free Online Game from Adult Swim -

Retro Unicorn Attack – Free Online Game from Adult Swim

Adult Swim
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Our favorite running unicorn is back in an all-new all-old web game! Turn back the clock to a time where graphics were horrible, buttons had lag time and almost everything looked like a phallic symbol.


  1. I never understood why they picked a song from Erasure as BGM

  2. horrible is those shitty games that you play now, I like more the games with the ''horrible'' graphic which is made with love and not a commercial game

  3. When is this one coming to android and when is unicorn attac kUnicorn Attack Revolution on android? The game does not load on my chrome browser for some reason..

  4. when the hell are they going to make a show about this already?

  5. I know, right? I hope they release it for download.

  6. this is kind of awesome… but at the same time i'm thinking "its the same game with worse graphics… aren't games meant to go the other way…?"

  7. Anyone out there still find it easy to sing along with this?

  8. What you have done is very successful you took an addictive idea and twisted it here and there to establish a nice profit and entertain many of your fans. Good.

  9. OMG Make this music available somewhere plz plz!

  10. Fisrt I was thinking 'that's a pretty cool video.' Then i realised there was a link to actually play the game. I am happy.

  11. It's not the same without the gay lyrics. Also, this game is way harder than any game about unicorns has any right to be.

  12. gracias por la respuesta! me sonaba de algo la cancion y me estaba debannado los sesos pensando en cual era

  13. The 8-bit music reminds me of crystal castles, anyone else? @-@

  14. yea stick that unicorn where it counts, god damn uni s and there rainbows

  15. HAHAHAHA "Chase your dreams, but not right after eating"

  16. I want to play it man…want to play it so bad…just for the good ol' times…

  17. look for erasure- always, thats the orginal

  18. Someone has to post 10 hours version of this song. :C

  19. the music is by "Erasure – Always" & it's EPIC!

  20. Crystal Castles of Commodore 64 and arcade does not have much music…

  21. "Turn back the clock to a time where graphics were horrible, buttons had lag time and almost everything…"

    "…buttons had lag time…"


    yeah, no they didn't.

    The games with the tightest controls are still NES games.

  22. Looks like a Commodore 64/ Atari 2600 game with NES/Sega Genesis music.

  23. You guys the are tying to scare you anyway this is not my account

  24. "graphics where horrible"? if anything nicely done 8-bit graphic from for example the SSI games (watch those intros) fingerfucks modern day graphics.

  25. thats SO amiga, i love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I cannot find that game on the Adult swim website.

  27. Alwayssss I wanna be with you and make believe with you

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