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Rise of Mythos Gameplay HD – First Look | Free Online Trading Card Game

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Rise of Mythos Gameplay HD – First Look | Free Online Trading Card Game

Rise of Mythos is a free to play browser based collectible trading card game with a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing twist (MMORPG, MMO, RPG).

Game Information
Developer: GameFuse
Platform: PC/Browser Game
Business Model: Free to Play
Style: 2D MMO/ Trading Card Game
Graphics: Low

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  1. Sword Girls disappeared… for this…

  2. …I don't really see the point of this video…you just show the start of it, and no commentary…

  3. i want to play this game but when I start it nothing happens. any suggestions?

  4. Boring? Dude what, its anything but boring. Quite fun actually.

  5. I play this (now named Ancient Summoner), but I find extremely simple, Id love an awesome TCG that is complex, I was surfing for some different one's and I came upon one called HEX, it looked freaking sweet until I learned it was only in alpha and one had to pay 50 dollars to play. 

  6. the game already exists i dont know why they renamed it its original name is kings and legends and i already have an acc there but the game is pay to win so no ty

  7. We can all see your automatic and trying to look "cool".. 🙂

  8. A great TCG ( trading card game) is Eldhelm of Battlegrounds ( The Battles of Eldhelm ) , has an air of completely oriented medieval fantasy RPG . Has 3 races ( or four with rider and another that would give new ….. 5 ) your race sets directly on the deck ORCKS : + atk , KNIGHT : atk and def , HUMAN : are " stealthy lower the opponent's status among others …. ELF : healing and magic elected ; ELF Arher : . atk and effects (do not know much about archers since stopped playing and went back to Polco time ) You can choose from many languages ​​including Portuguese , worth say that graphic is very good and the ambiance of the game.DICA to level : take the morning after the letters of your class check mode against the computer in maximum difficulty let every 2 fights you get a choice between lvl elfs are easier to defeat ! ing game can be played on pc or android devices among others . hope this helps ! Help divugar it has a few brs and Portuguese in the game 🙂 I VLW http://eldhelm.essenceworks.com

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