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Rising Thunder (Free Online Fighting Game): Watcha Playin’? Gameplay First Look

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Rising Thunder is a free-to-play online fighting game from Radiant Entertainment created with the input of Seth Killian, who worked at Capcom during Street Fighter 4’s development. This is a 1v1 game with robots that feature different abilities and loadouts, being fast-paced and designed with eSports in mind, mostly the Evolution Championship Series, or EVO. We played the technical alpha and managed to record this gameplay footage from this promising game.

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Video made by Skylent Shore:
Intro Music: The Easton Ellises ()

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  1. you clearly have no experience in fighting games…

  2. In fullscreen the frames are betterm windowed fullscreen makes the game weird. Also there are throws in this game and in every single other fighting game that ignores block and throws you down.

  3. I only came here to see a casual get his ass beat.

  4. A very unique fighter to say the least thanks Seth Killian

  5. lol that EDGE was speaking in Mandarin… I really hope the dev team isnt Chinese, cuz most of Chinese games are just money grabbers ;(
    oh and if Im not mistaken, im pretty sure he screams "Dad!!!" in Mandarin when he gets K.O'd lol

  6. Finally no fan service, aside from the newly released hagie for vindictus KR and that crazy speed dude for closers online, it's been nothing but females back to back. This is a nice change of pace, but now I kinda want a fighting MMO with either Gundams or Armored Cores.

  7. The man behind the EVO Championship is also in the team behind Rising Thunder. So yeah it's gonna be a pretty competitive game which I'm looking forward to, even though I'm not the best at these kinds of games :p

  8. was installing game and computer started going so slow

  9. When a character shine's gold, that means the character is invincible for those few gold frames, so that's why a lot of Crow's attacks where getting beat by Edge's uppercut attack's gold frames. Also, u can cancel attack animations by dashing or jumping during an attack animation to create combos with more damage. One can also burst escape out of an opposing players combo if you hit a few buttons.

    Just pointing out a few mechanics that u seemed to miss.

  10. Played the Alpha

    This game is solid as fuck
    No need for any fighting game background the game excluded all the difficult fighting games non sense

  11. im going to start using framerate when I get my ass kicked too

    its got a giant overhaul

  13. Is the game out or is this just Alpha/Beta??

  14. Should of done training mode first before jumping online and complaining about everything.

    Thanks for the footage regardless.

  15. I think Block mitigates everything in front of you rather than Grabs 
    9:28 His ultimate is a Grab which is why it went thru your Block
    9:44 Yours however is a range nuke which is why it gets Blocked

    Regarding high, mid, and low attacks
    His is crouching while doing a High Guard
    In every fighting game, this had been an exploit to have 100% Block rate
    …the only Fix every well known fighting game had made is to not have a full mitigation, but just take less damage
    Rising Thunder seems to not include such exploit into mind when being develop and still has the old full mitigation guard.

    9:44 Stagger effect also seems underdeveloped.
    True, your attack is blockable but that enemy should have been hit while defenceless mid air.
    Block in Rising Thunder as of now automates block position once it detected an attack and you're using block, even if your staggered.
    If they don't fix this, aerial combos won't be possible since enemies be auto blocking everything

  16. isnt this the game from somene who worked for capcom?

  17. the greek one said "Greece fights for Earth"
    So….should I assume from that that we are going to get a story mode?

  18. does anyone know where can i download this? and if it is free or not

  19. Yeah, still waiting for it to be on the PS4

  20. the stranger things 2 trailer just played so i doubt this video will impress me atm

  21. i just watched the video and it looks like this guy never played a fighting game before. he keeps jumping and the jump leaves him open to the upper slash which the opponent obviously knows and can see that he is going to keep going for the same move. i never even played this game let alone watch gameplay and i can already tell why he lost from the beggining of the first round.

  22. Looks nice. i download it and they ask me to sign in the website when i go there i didn't find it. The problem of games this days always miss something could they made awesome games complete work on any pc and have 3gb ?

  23. too bad this game has been cancelled just imagine how many people would have played this

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