Rockstar Games Are Giving Away A TON Of FREE Items To ALL Players In GTA 5 Online! -

Rockstar Games Are Giving Away A TON Of FREE Items To ALL Players In GTA 5 Online!

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Rockstar Games Are Giving Away A TON Of FREE Items To ALL Players In GTA 5 Online!
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In today’s Grand Theft Auto 5 video – The BF Weevil: An Automotive and Countercultural Icon…Plus Bonuses on Motor Wars, Smuggler Sell Missions, Air Races and More!


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Hope you enjoyed this video! See you guys in the next one! ✌🏻


  1. How many times has he said hey how’s it going guys MR BOS FOR THE WIN HERE!”

  2. I know that you are removing my comments mrbossftw

  3. Mrbossftw is watching the community comments just leting people know about it

  4. I wonder if you can convert ALL your money into casino chips will the game deduct business fees or just consider you broke and shut down

  5. Am I just hearing him for 8 min of stuff

  6. "Mr Boss Man F The World" 😂😂😂

  7. I was playing gta today and this blue dot appeared on my map and I went there and I scammed this drunk guy from cayo de perico and i got a key card that it said I could use it when I do the heist

  8. Was playing red dead the other day and thought I'd shot mrtoss. Turned out to just be a vulture.
    Oh well. Next time hopefully

  9. I like how Mr Wafflefortheloss slowed down when he saw a Hooker… Then realised he couldn't make a 10 minute video. 😂

  10. someone is pretending to be mrbossftw on psn… maybe a hater that's why he is destroying the mrbossftw name

  11. Hi Mr Boss
    I need your help….my husband has been a long time fan of yours and has been cut off from GTA Online. He has never used a glitch, cheated or done anything against rockstar and they have stopped him from being able to get online for GTA and RDR….he has spent $1000s' of Australian dollars on both games and they are not responding to my emails or Twitter's…
    I'm pleading with you to PLEASE help sort this problem out..
    Kind regards

  12. Like The Weevle so freaking cool to be able to drive a classic VW Beatle 😎

  13. Ooooo woooow we all get free pixels, yeiii. -.-

  14. So as a badge of honor they give u a Tshirt? And thats it

  15. The invite system on PS4 has been fixed. I noticed that a couple of days ago so anybody who plays PS4, you can now join players through the pause menu again.

  16. I wish he was on xbox so I could destroy him and make him cry on stream

  17. Bro look I like your videos but if you continue clickbaiting I will unsubscribe

  18. Your full of bs dude stop telling people the lies you tell get off YouTube I think people are tried of you bs

  19. Is it me, or when MrBossFTW reads every description of the Modes that been here for awhile that u skip 10 seconds until he gets done?

  20. Free for this guy means us viewing and commenting on his video to just call his bullshit

  21. Is it true my friend is telling me you get 120% bonus money for shark cards

  22. Next video "FREE MONEY by doing this simple thing!" and the free money is the time trials.

  23. 3 millions subs for talking absolute bullshit
    Tons of free stuff
    A tee
    Unsubscribed whos coming with me

  24. This game is a monster mate, DONT BUY SHARK CARS

  25. Hi guys check my channel Cayo Perico in free roam

  26. What primary colour do you use on the weevil/Bug

  27. For some reason I got the Rockstar shirt but not the Rockstar hat…I need to get the hat… Please help?

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