Rockstar Games BIG Summer Update - FREE Money, NEW Supercars & MORE! -

Rockstar Games BIG Summer Update – FREE Money, NEW Supercars & MORE!

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Rockstar Games BIG Summer Update – FREE Money, NEW Supercars & MORE!
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In today’s Grand Theft Auto 6 video – Rockstar Games BIG Summer Update – FREE Money, NEW Supercars & MORE!

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Hope you enjoyed this video! See you guys in the next one! ✌🏻

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  1. 5:55 first time I’ve heard a miscut audio clip on one of your videos in years

  2. First! YES SUCK IT NOOBS Hopefully Riley hearts my comment. Boss thank you for another great video i definitely want to see Michael finally return he's been holding it down for years you'd think they'd have him more in the game. I haven't played in a while i might need to get on some how because these new updates are awesome.

  3. anyone who thinks gta online is ending with gta 6 is crazy

  4. GTA+ is a PlayStation+ rip-off

  5. why do you have bots? do you make them?

  6. When they say big update they actually mean an update like the Cluckin Bell raid

  7. I wonder what Value GTA 6 will have to offer that is better than GTA Online?

  8. rockstar 👉??gta online update 🏢?? mile hight club ?? 🤔🤷🤦?? mile hight club ?? 😟😥❌ 2024🙏🙏👆👉🗣️ rockstar 💬👈🤏🙏🙏 mile hight club👈 🙏😊🙂😁

  9. This is great, but I really wish they could set up a Phone app to where you can check on your business supplies.
    Not so much as to set up Buy/Sell missions, Just to keep up to date on what each has, so you don't have to physically go to said business, Terrorbyte, etc.

  10. What is the car at the 3 minute mark & what paint job is on it?

  11. If this update is only for GTA+ members then what's the point of this update.

  12. I hope we get big rig semi trucks for sale and we’ll have a bigger garage for trucks only.

  13. Now clickbaiter is talking about GTA 5 online a game that he doesn't acre about cause he care about GTA 6

  14. Really need me a real estate update with passive income and unique Homes you can own. (Like on the beach or countryside)


  16. This guy had so much handed to him😂😂 what a joke of a channel and person lol

  17. where the weekly car updates at though⁉️

  18. None of this shit is worth your real money

  19. Rockstar keeps adding things to GTA+ because they aren’t getting the membership they anticipated or need to justify its existence! GTA+ is nothing more than a country club for the extremely elite and privileged! There are still millions of players on 8th gen who get NOTHING from Rockstar but abandonment! And the economy right now doesn’t leave disposable income for frivolous subscriptions…especially if you have to pay to play online with the consoles anyway! Rockstar could have easily made E&E available to everyone and remained consumer friendly. Instead they got greedy and this is the result! Rockstar = disappointment!

  20. April has just started it’s not even close to summer

  21. MrBossFTW is the kind of guy to cover his homies eyes from behind & say “guess who!” 😂😂😂😂😂

  22. I just hope we get the Trackhawk in the big summer update 💯🔥

  23. whole lotta yap from bro 🤣🤣

  24. Yes. Please tell me more about the "free money" ( that costs 7 dollars a month ) LOL

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