Rockstar Games Is Giving ALL Players FREE Money In GTA 5 Online... HUGE Ban Wave Explained & MORE! -

Rockstar Games Is Giving ALL Players FREE Money In GTA 5 Online… HUGE Ban Wave Explained & MORE!

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Rockstar Games Is Giving ALL Players FREE Money In GTA 5 Online… HUGE Ban Wave Explained & MORE!
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In today’s Grand Theft Auto 5 video – Rockstar Games Is Giving ALL Players FREE Money In GTA 5 Online… HUGE Ban Wave Explained & MORE!

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  1. Of course they are giving free money they want their players back 😂

  2. اتمنى انك جي تي اي 6 على بلاي 4 على بلاي 5 لانه نصهم اللي توني بلاي فاي لا يلعبون جي تي اي 5

  3. I noticed you meant to cut out the part where you were talking about your surprise rockstar didn’t do anything for April fools this year you said it twice lol

  4. Will PS4 still get DLC updates as they keep coming out for the 5 because not everyone has the 5 yet

  5. Funny that MrBossFTW put like $500 million as free money for players in the thumbnail just to get more views and subs. This guy is embarrassing to the GTA community 🤣


    I hope the situation will be solved sooner than later!

  7. What do you mean that they didn't do anything for april's fool?, what about the expanded and enhanced edition?

  8. I was wondering how I got the $500,000 and in game items from them now I know y, I completed the time trial last week and only got like nearly 300,000 from doing it

  9. Problem is I lost all my character progress and cars and properties

  10. It’s a big lie not everyone gets money and that 500 million is so cap

  11. Can we play some red dead online together please and can you help me get some gold Mr boss

  12. Still haven’t gotten any prime rewards despite saying they’re accepted.

  13. The players should make rockstar give them a free million for every day they're wrongfully banned

  14. Or get sued for wrongful denial of service

  15. Haha no wonder I was like what’s this for🤨

  16. If ur going to inform us of gta 5 please include ps4 edition ,

  17. I am subscribed to u because I hope u would be including ps4 edition if not I'll look elsewhere thank you

  18. Can this be done on PS4 for PS4 players or just only PS5 only ???.


  20. I use things too my advantage like remote vehicles jubilee etc, ghost organization… Ive never cheated and have kd 6 something.. I've never ever cheated not once.. Today I got a pop up in the corner from rockstar saying you are being watched as a cheater watch your behaviour or something it said.. Better not shadow ban my ass I swear 😂😂 I even look like a hacker with Cannibis leaf on my top but just my clan logo anyone can do it.. I'm kinda worried tbh 😅🤣🤣


  22. Adding quite a few extra zeroes is pretty scummy bud. Scumbag way to get more views.

  23. “That I deserve” that’s some entitled shit, you earn things, and don’t deserve shit.

  24. Who still does time trials in 2022 🤨🤦🏻‍♂️ who needs 500k$

  25. I might just mod the game again since im on pc tho I don't mod to troll people, like a few times I'd mess with annoying a hole modders and boot them from the server 🙂

  26. It's were got rockstar games that what they like it's not about money it's about keeping the youngers out of trouble so there stuck in in a rockstar zone

  27. Okay that's cool, but CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME?!!

    Earlier this week I bought the Jester RR because it's currently at the discounted price of $800K and some change. So I had about that much on hand but still topped up my balance using the shark cards for an extra $1,250,000. Okay so I'm now in the process of purchasing the car, they deduct the $$$ and ask me which garage I wanna store it in. Then I get a notification to join a Land Race which I accepted. Long story short ROCK STAR took my $$$ but never delivered the car, I'm assuming bc I didn't actually select a garage?
    I just need a good contact for Rockstar Games so I can try and remedy this if at all possible. They should be able to verify and refund my $$$. And yes I did go back to top up my account AGAIN to buy yet ANOTHER Jester (bc well, I got it like that! 🤑🤭).

  28. They made everything extremely expensive in this game. Rockstar should be giving everyone some type of money. You can't have fun without alot of money ,it really suckz.

  29. Why hao's special time trial only exclusive on console.

  30. This is FAKE…When i made a ticket they sent some idiocracy response that i need to confirm some identity nonsense and send email/….WTF IS THE POINT OF SUPPORT PAGE WHERE YOU LITERALLY HAVE TO LOGIN TO DO ANYTHING IF IT DOESNT DO ANYTHING?????????

  31. lets convince rockstar to put this on ps4 not everybody can buy ps5 because they’re sold out

  32. i couldnt connect for a week after the upgrade…only way i could get it fixed was to go get my modem and router replaced

  33. I just made 3 million in 2 days with my agency and I didn’t Play all day

  34. So this $500k is for the next gen Exaggerated and Exploitative version players? Bummer.
    PS4 players lives matter!

    Though I did get the $250k for doing a nightclub popularity mission as an associate, even though I was a CEO and not an associate. So… odd generosity for R* being R*

  35. My friend who did the rp glitch for 2 hours got banned ☕

  36. I got falsely banned about a couple days ago because my account was hacked or something into I emailed about it to them sorted it out but I go to log in I was suspended and account was going to be wiped. So later they unbanned me cause I emailed them about her e circumstances they wiped all my money and stuff but game a free 6.250.000 mil

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