Rust but it's a free to play game -

Rust but it’s a free to play game

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10/10 its a masterpiece.


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Rust but its a free to play game


  1. Best game you ever played? What is with these snowflake, degenerate, liberal socialists we have as youth? I know that every new generation of men has less testosterone than the previous but I didn't know that included brain cells. Running around with a rock building things and working. FUN. When I was playing games they were great, full of imagination, creativity and accomplishment. Running around hitting things with a rock so you can gather things to build things……really is that fun? What is the end game? Does it have an end? If not its not a game. It's a waste of your time!

  2. hes just str8 up talking and teaming with this CHILD wtf. im so glad i found this channel. going on forehead fables did you well.

  3. as a person who has a shitty pc and plays rust this isnt that different to me

  4. I used to play this game so much love you for this β€œno homo”

  5. As a former unturned player switched to rust I can say I have a love hate relationship with this game

  6. Damn. Unturned. I used to play this game for a living.

  7. Memeio is like Tony Stark and the kid who teamed up with Memeio is like Harley in Iron Man 3…both of them good in same thing and the kid annoyed the proπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. Wait? It’s a steam game?! I thought it’s one of those roblox parody/ripoff games

  9. I know I m late but tf Memeio sound like Blooprint??????

  10. Hey the Thompson don't use smg mag its use its own mag which are Thompson mag i can tell you a lot of things i know about rusturned

  11. unturned was first a roblox game but then hackers made it uncopylocked bla bla steam ugly graphics and then rust

  12. This is one of the best and funniest video ive seen in a while

  13. I really wanna join but idk what to put in the port

  14. Just downloaded going to get my lad on this !!! Beats fortnite shiiittt!!!

  15. Oh man Unturned is already an extremely hard game WITHOUT the Rust mod… Like I stopped playing cause it drove me nuts how I had to depend on RNG for literally everything.

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  17. bruh its not free you need to subscribe to steam meaning you have to pay

  18. When ever you play with a random like that kid, tell them who you are at the end of the vid

  19. hey can someone give me the link to rusturned?

  20. That’s not rust that’s eroded metal

  21. after seeing this i installed steam and downloaded the game

  22. memeio when hen had the tommy took out the mag XD

  23. where do i get the mod at i cant find it on steam

  24. Idk why people think u sound like blooprint. Blooprint sounds like cbell, not even the same accent.

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