Rust but it's a free to play game -

Rust but it’s a free to play game

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10/10 its a masterpiece.


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Rust but its a free to play game


  1. i have more tham 3000 hours on this game not even joking if you want to see im BLUECAT61 on steam

  2. everyone in unturned:roleplaying
    memeio:killing there roleplay

  3. even tho nturned came out way back but ok

  4. What is the map name??? I know its not pei

  5. Everyone poor gangsta Till Steam Has the game

  6. for me the real rust is free i have crk

  7. One of my fauvorite games i like to play with friends and build

  8. mmmm…. no chief im pretty sure unturned was a thing before rust… ''unturned but its a 10$ realistic rip off game named rust'' … rust came out 2013… unturned released in 2013 but at first levels it was on roblox in 2010… and was super popular… so rust ripped off unturned if anyone ever wondered.

  9. U c a man holding a rock and your first word is dear Lord what have I done 😂😂😂👌

  10. Hi! I searched rusturned on the steam but it didn’t show up

  11. Is rusturned on steam or google chrome

  12. Its not a f2p if it doesn't have ads in it.

  13. This video just reminded me i can play nturned on my new PC

  14. Rust, but loading time is not 30 minutes

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