Scrabble GO (by Scopely) - free online competitive word puzzle game for Android and iOS - gameplay. -

Scrabble GO (by Scopely) – free online competitive word puzzle game for Android and iOS – gameplay.

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The Original Word Game with More Ways to Play with Friends!

Play the classic Scrabble game you know and love! With the official board, tiles, and Scrabble word dictionaries, only Scrabble GO delivers the authentic crossword game experience.

Easily find and start games with your Facebook friends and family!

Feeling competitive? Test your skills in one of four exciting new word games:
– Duels – It’s fast-paced, head-to-head Scrabble!
– Word Drop – An ever-changing word search game.
– Tumbler – Like anagrams? This new mode challenges you to find as many high-scoring words from a rotating set of letters in a limited amount of time.
– Rush – In this solo Scrabble mode, your only ally – or enemy – is yourself. Play off your own words and try to set up high-scoring plays on a smaller 11×11 board.


Free online game.

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  1. I manage a Facebook Scrabble group with 108 members. We play a variety of competitions from a weekly league to half board , low score, 3 tile , no bingo , forbidden letters , monthly random numbers and other games we have invented to play with each other .

    It is an active group and we only play in classic mode which hopefully cuts a little bit of the cheating out. We try to encourage our members to play honest games without the use of word apps and other types of aids.

    Members receive handicaps based on the averages each player is given in Scrabble go. Our google sheets work out a handicap which adds to the final scores and then determines the winner, this way players of all standards can compete with each other and have a chance of winning, a bit like a golf handicap. It is very successful and gives not only a good fair game but encourages a social aspect and competitive way of keeping the group fun and active. We have been established since 2014 and prior to Scrabble Go used the other online Scrabble which GO replaced.

    This is an example of how our Monthly Random Game looks , it adds the handicap when averages are entered and gives a final score when the scores are added this determines who wins. The members only have to enter the averages and the sheet is automated to do the rest for them. We use this system for all our games other than the Weekly League which doesnt use averages. The two players averages are matched by the sheet recorded and the extra points given by deducting the lowest from the highest to set the handicap for that particular game.

    Inline image

    So my question is about your averages which is supposed to be so accurate but I have many complaints that the averages are not being updated correctly and are not true, members even complaining that their own averages are too high or too low and are not changing frequently with the number of games they play and other statistics you give.

    I play Jeanette Knowles ID 92722650 on a regular basis. Her average is 317 (my Id 96672694) mine is 318 . Because our averages are in the same bracket we play straight games since our averages cancel each other out but yet shes beaten me 52-17 times and her stats are way superior than mine so how does she retain a 317 average??

    Inline image

    My group is called Breakaways and has three sections, Weekly League, Specialties , Devils and Angels with the main Group being the master group before anyone can join the side groups.

    Log into Facebook

    Log into Facebook
    Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know.

    We love the scrabble game the competitions the friends we make and we promote the Scrabble go for the phone and Ipad although a lot of our aged members still like to use the desk/laptop and are sad that is not supported by GO.

    Because of my interaction with the group I know I am asking this question for many players who are in my group and many of us are in other scrabble groups so we love the Scrabble Go . We did used to play a lot of our games in multiplayer games for Devils and Angels (team games) and was so sad that they are not available in Classic Mode. Since we insist on our members only playing in Classic mode its too confusing for many to have to switch modes to play multiplayer and then back into Classic mode for our games , it would be too confusing for them in the list of games waiting for a move to switch back and forth so you have 108 people waiting for multiplayer games in classic mode from just our group so that must be a huge volume over other groups too.

    Thank you for your time

    Patricia Bridge Altman

  2. What happen to scrabble go by scopely?

  3. I am writing to tell you that a man who calls himself jim n was playing scrabble with me pretending to be my fiance.i wrote to you about it some time ago and i have come back thinking you had done the job of stopping himit has been a worrying time for me.i said tto my fiancee you play some funny words not at all like you.he is on theree waiting for me i think because my mans foyto he is still using.
    Thank you. Hendrika g.

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