Shadow Wartime (by KODASK game) - free online shooting game for Android - gameplay. -

Shadow Wartime (by KODASK game) – free online shooting game for Android – gameplay.

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Challenge yourself, equip a mercenary as you wish, enrich yourself and survive.

Shadow Wartime is a one-of-a-kind, mobile tactical 2.5D online shooter with survival elements and an emphasis on realism. The action of the game unfolds within the abandoned city of Shadov and its environs. In the territory of Shadov there is fighting between several warring factions, which seek to seize as much land as possible to increase the power and influence of their group in the region. Chaos and anarchy in the vicinity of the city has attracted many looters, bandits and thrill seekers. Also the conflict did not ignore the mercenaries, who despite the dangerous status of the territory and the war between the groups rushed into the depths of Shadov for their own profit. You have to be in the role of a mercenary and test yourself in order to get rich and, above all, to survive. In addition, you are faced with the choice of joining one of the territorial factions or try your luck alone. Can a mercenary sacrifice a lot, for the sake of money or does he have an entirely different goal?

Challenge yourself, equip a mercenary to your liking, get rich and survive.


– Different locations with individual infrastructure and environments where you can encounter valuable resources as well as dangerous opponents.
– A variety of weapons, ammunition and equipment, from hunting to military.
– An abundance of mercenary equipment variations depending on your abilities and tasks.
– Customization of sights, magazines, muzzle devices and tactical weapon grips.
– Multiplayer mode, which will certainly give you vivid emotions.
– Advanced health system of the character, as well as a variety of damages, such as bleeding, fractures and complete loss of limbs.
– Bunker – a place where your character can restore health, create necessary items, collect various weapons and build new modules.
– Merchants – people who will help you get back on your feet in this harsh world, as they provide various tasks and discounts.
– Black Market – a huge in-game store where you can buy any in-game item, but at an inflated price.


SHADOW WARTIME is in development stage, all mechanics are not realized in this version of the game yet, and you can also face some bugs and errors. Please be understanding and support the project. About all questions and suggestions, please write to e-mail [email protected].

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  1. this game is just super duper hard. Good idea kinda like Escape from Tarkov. Still there are ALOT of bugs and hard to put item , on top of that the difficulty is just too high , earn almost nothing then u lose everything. A long way to go until the game become more playable.

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