Smashing Four (by Geewa) - free online real-time pvp strategy game for Android and iOS - gameplay. -

Smashing Four (by Geewa) – free online real-time pvp strategy game for Android and iOS – gameplay.

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Multiplayer Battle Arena.

Enter the Arena and get ready to fight fierce 1v1 real-time battles against players from all around the world! Experience unique gameplay and an original take on pool physics with this card-collectible PvP multiplayer strategy game where every smash counts!
Win 1v1 battles, gain trophies, collect rewards & cards to unlock your heroes’ powerful abilities that will turn the arena upside down and smash your enemy to pieces. Join a clan, meet other Smashers and support each other on your way to the top of the ranks. Rule the world of Smashing Four together!

Prove your skill in 1v1 PvP! Execute your strategy in different arenas! Smash your way to the victory!

Have a SMASHING time!

1v1 PvP, real-time, turn-based, card-collectible strategy.
Smash players from all around the world in challenging arenas.
Win multiplayer battles to earn orbs and coins.
Collect cards to unlock new heroes & upgrade them to unleash their smashing abilities.
Experience PvP battles in the challenging environments of 8+ game-changing Arenas.
Smash your opponents in the arena and fight your way up to the top of the ranks.
Prove your worth in Challenges and earn special rewards.
Get all smashing heroes available & prepare for new arrivals.
Create your own Clan or join an existing one.
Share cards, chat and challenge your friends and clanmates in friendly battles.

Free online game.

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  1. Qual a melhor estratégia para derrotar um Deck esqueleto+fênix+(qualquer outros dois)?

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