Stream Mobile Games To YouTube, Twitch & Facebook - Android & iOS - FREE -

Stream Mobile Games To YouTube, Twitch & Facebook – Android & iOS – FREE

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If you would like to know how to live game stream on mobile to Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for free on Android or iOS, this video walks you through the steps to do so.

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0:00 Stream mobile game to YouTube intro
0:20 Get your questions answered on this channel
0:40 Creator Shoutout
1:16 Download Omlet Arcade
1:30 Create Omlet Arcade account
1:55 Allow Notifications
2:10 Stream to YouTube, Twitch & Facebook
2:32 Set up Control Centre on iPhone
3:04 Connect your YouTube account
4:06 Streaming from iPhone

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  1. Hello sir, i just wanna say THANK YOU for doing this tutorial, becouse my daughter REALLY wanted to be a vloger and go live. I have just subscribed! And when she finally finished it and start to make one, she will give so much THANKS to you sir. Again, thank you for the tutorial! God Bless you!! 🙏 🤝

  2. I’m this method, am I able to talk to the audience? Or does this only play sounds from the game? I know I can talk through the game, but would like to know the options.

  3. Says i need a 1,000 subs to stream on YouTube why is that?

  4. I’m going to be streaming and playing granny live. Thanks for the help

  5. So you said that you'd touch on android… You touched on iPhone and that's it

  6. Just subscribed..plz give a shout out🥺❤️

  7. I don't know how to log in with my email password because I can't livestream

  8. Thanks this helped me so much TYYYY IM GOONG AHEAD TO SUBSCRIBE

  9. Thank you so much sir!! I appreciate this !!!

  10. Can do that with the PS4 but using mobile phone people see what you playing. Meant to say not using your PS4 as live stream but only playing then in a phone only taking an account to live stream the game.???

  11. Please when u gain a follower on the omlet app, does it reflect to your youtube channel?

  12. I know you did this video about live streaming from a mobile device on YouTube using Omlet Arcade I have the Omlet Arcade and I tried to live stream gameplay on YouTube but for some weird reason YouTube blocks my lifestream because I don’t have 1000 subscribers how am I supposed to bypass that and live stream video gameplay from my phone to YouTube

  13. Hello sir i have live stream enabled on my YouTube channel i just wanted to ask i was trying to live stream first time on my channel and i truned off the mic because i don't want to give my surrounding sounds in the video but the game sound is also turned off i don't know how to give game sounds without giving my surrounding sounds in the video please help if you can 🙏

  14. Thank you so much for the info my friend,,

  15. Thanks for your advice it's amazing I'm using Android the Nubia 6s pro and need for speed is my game so I'll be streaming that

  16. Free fire…I will love to stream Free fire

  17. Omelet Arcade dont stream well, the lives crash…

  18. Thank you so much… I’m a roblox youtuber. And I always wanted to stream my first game play on stream.. Your amazing!

  19. I wont stream games but ill stream art! Thanks alot!

  20. Thank you for the tips and helping us to setup the app to the stage of being ready to just go live :X :X
    Very helpful, by the way I like the way you explain things.

  21. Wow this is lame…. youtube blocked my stream because I need 50 followers in order to be able to stream…. what kind of bullshit is that… how am I going to get followers without being able to stream in the first place….. wow….

  22. This is an awful way to stream games. You do not see the chat, you do not see the player.

  23. Does this work on ANY game? 😶

  24. This is not funny someone almost hacked my account

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