The 21 Best Nintendo Switch Online Multiplayer Games -

The 21 Best Nintendo Switch Online Multiplayer Games

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You can make and break friends without ever needing to see them – this is what society has been building towards

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  1. It’s impossible to find a match in Street Fighter

  2. I'm listening to this while I play tetris 99

  3. That was odd I'm watching this on the day after my birthday

  4. What about online single player games? Mario Maker is the only one that comes to mind.

  5. pokemon unite is pay 2 win and you ranknit high? 🙁
    in the last time i see an increase in videos but a decrease of content. maybe you can get to the basicd. pretty sad 🙁

  6. Pokemon Unite is also on Jim Sterling's worst games of 2021 list. Pay to win aimed at kids is pretty disgusting imo.

  7. That's cool and all, but why don't we have voice chat so we could actually play the games with friends?? We are going into 2022 now and we don't have a damn voice chat on the switch???? Where is the outrage
    (And no, that phone app crap is not real voice chat)

  8. Very informative, now all I need is a subscription.

  9. I loved the first splatoon so the 2nd was a must, Santa brought me it and i love it.

  10. Completed 3D World fully online with my friend from Norway when it released last year!! We did every level except the very last super duper hard unlockable level. The experience was pretty good and we had a lot of fun. 🙂

  11. Really digging down to the bottom of the barrel when not everything on the list is even worth playing.

  12. Have a new lets play about ninja gaiden 2, if you guys want some more inspiration about the game, hav a look on my channel 🙂
    The final Episode is online o.O Have a nice Day 🙂

  13. Wait what? What did you say about Paladins? xD
    The game is obviously shit and has always been xD

  14. Damn. Was hoping to see borderlands up there

  15. Risk of rain 2 is pretty good challenging but good like a borderlands/left for dead. Channels should review it

  16. This is a great list and part of the reason why the Switch is so brilliant.

  17. I know not many will agree but ARMS is by far my favorite online multiplayer on Switch. The game runs super well online, you can have 10 players in a lobby with simultaneous matches (lol Smash) and there’s plenty of options. Wish more people gave it a chance and I’m a bit bummed it’s not on this list.

  18. JNGJ (Joshi's Nintendo Gaming Journey) says:

    My gosh, why does Overwatch get so much hate, it's still a good game and it's also crossplay, I still believe it deserves a place on this list whatever the position

  19. Whenever I see MHRise popping in lists it reminds me that I haven’t touched the first game I bothered to pre-order for months.

  20. So I see you have some themes I don't. Is it because I wasn't playing the game at the time and missed out? Is it like you need to have that game to unlock it? Plus a friend of mine doesn't see certain ones that I have when he looks to buy it with tickets. Did we both miss certain trains or what?

  21. Good list, but the honourable mentions would be smash Bros ultimate, mario golf super rush, and mario 3d world.

  22. Splatoon 2 is so much better than any other shooter I’ve ever played

  23. Dead By Dayligjt is so much fun online with friends! It’s definitely a different vibe from most of the games on this last but still a blast.

  24. I regret buying the switch because its basically "pay 60$ for a mediocre game or play tetris"

  25. At this point the wii u and cube games on the background are a huge flex.

  26. i tried to love warframe but the core gameplay mechanics are sooo boring and the movement feels so lose (in a bad way)

  27. Is it possible to play this games in the cartridge or should I buy it in the nintendo online subscription?

  28. i think ninjala best nintendo switch online game too

  29. Splatoon and paladins are trash..

    COD/unreal tournament energy is missing from this current generation console..

  30. #1 Warframe
    #2 borderlands
    #3 saints row the 3rd
    Looking for more on this level of detail.

  31. Plz somebody here can answer me before 16 Mario tennis aces is discount the online is still alive ? You don’t need be friend to play online ?

  32. Oh wow I know your voice but have never seen your face

  33. Been playing splatoon 2 every single day since I bought it.

  34. Whats the song in the background starting at the Monster Hunter Rise section?

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