The Best 🤯 New Dumb Fun "Free To Play Games" You Have To Try | SKYLENT -

The Best 🤯 New Dumb Fun “Free To Play Games” You Have To Try | SKYLENT

Skylent Games
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🤯 These are new f2p FREE games on steam that you can and NEED TO play RIGHT NOW! They are a little silly, but good fun. We are on the road to 100k! Let’s KEEP THE HYPE ALIVE!

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Hellbound Survival Mode


Kritika Reboot




Frenzy Retribution

NGU Idle

Open World Game


The Best New Dumb Fun Free To Play Games You Have To Try | SKYLENT



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  1. Any free games like gang beast or fall guys??

  2. Dude, Vecter is one of my favorite games. I keep it up on my second screen with an 8BitDo plugged in and I can turn to it during commercials on shows or if im waiting for a lobby. Great fidget game!

  3. Im here before the premiere but i bet its gonna be awesome

  4. Watchers seem interesting, despite being a BR, I could see myself enjoying messing with people while I’m dead. Kinda like those old Bomberman games where you circle the map in like a cart and chuck bombs in to mess with those still alive.

  5. Another awesome video and games list! Vecter, Frenzy, Watchers and Overstep look pretty interesting! I think Watchers and Overstep have great possibilities to become competitive e-sport!

  6. That open world game had me rofl hahahahahahaha

  7. Nice video. Yeah, sometimes you need to have a break from that super quest or crafting that legendary weapon, and just have some "dumb fun".

  8. I always just just miss the premieres… xD

  9. Do you plan on sharing a link to said f2p channel? Or just mention it.

  10. You should do top 10 dating sims games or top 10 anime dating sims

  11. Thumbnail I wanna know the games in them and yes ik it's in the vid

  12. Ayyy I remember hellbound. Was pretty bad when it first came out but I'll give it another go…. oh also im downloading all the games except for Vecter because it looks like Race The Sun which is good but not my kind of game.

  13. Sometimes I feel like i accidently have my speed at 1.25x

  14. Open world game the open world game is so accurate..

  15. Overstep is literally s4 league remake we all need

  16. holy crap i went on a download spree a week or 2 ago and downloaded half of these games thinking no one had heard of them, thank you skylent!

  17. Just to save you time the girl in the thumbnail is from Kritika, it’s free so get playing and get rubbing.

  18. Play craft seems more inspired from Garrys Mod more than anything. I'll have to check it out.

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