The Best FREE Multiplayer Games of 2022! -

The Best FREE Multiplayer Games of 2022!

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I’ve realised Multiplayer games that are cheap are hard enough to find as it is, so I decided to go through the painstaking process of finding the most underrated and completely FREE Multiplayer games! This list features MMORPG, Survival, PvP, PVE and building games!

Note: Many of these games are only available on STEAM!

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1. Will To Live –

2. Stay Out –

3. SCP Multiplayer –

4. Deceit –

5. We Were Here –

6. Rogue Company –

Production music contributed by Epidemic Sounds:

If you read this all you’re a legend 🙂


  1. Всё это лажа. Запиши лучше видео тех игр которые возродились после закрытия.

  2. .S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
    scavengers, trespassers, adventurers, loners, killers, Explorers, robbers

  3. Make a similar video about coop campaign games! Thanks.
    Awesome video btw. Keep it up.

  4. this video is great, and im just joking around but it feels like a 9 minute paid sponsor compilation

  5. You with for rogue company, fighting people from rogue company…

  6. 2:12 They dont have IQ they are ncp the puzzles are ez for me at least

  7. Hey is any of this list suitable for my low-graphic capacity pc? Just for a scale i can play Final Fantasy 14 on very low graphics just fine! And Minecraft. At least I can play Minecraft.

  8. Cool of Stay out getting a shout out on this list, a sleeper game thats hard to get into but has some charm as a stalker mmorpg, tho the match line is funny, as you'll never use them and up with hundreds baha

  9. Lol and will to live online is also the stalker mmorpg, but i found it's environmnents to be way more boring, empty and less immersive than Stay outs

  10. 'makes me think of h1z1 Just survive' … sad sigh I miss you H1z1, survival…

  11. Finding fun games to play is easy but the problem is you need friends to make most games fun

  12. Subbed,even if i dont play pc games

    the effort placed onto these games are incredible even the smallest

  13. Stay out is basically a heavily influenced multiplayer version of… well… Stalker series.

  14. Isn't A-Prime trying to crush the monopoly of that STEAM crap? 🤔

  15. thumbs down list. i didnt hear about these games cause they are "not the best"

  16. thanks now i just have to deal with framedrops!!

  17. Could u make like a good fighitng games like Diablo 3 and that sort of games?

  18. Insane this insane that..youtubers today have the most limited vocabulary.

  19. This man is the reason why im no longer bored and my disc space is low. Thanks for this video!

  20. i played will to live and its cool i liked it but grind is not for evryone and i don't like the clases system becouse it limits you to 1 character per server and if you want more PAY! and stay out has more features and many small things that make it very imersive example: if you have a hood on it will limit ur vision and player is not limited by classes as there are none

  21. never heard anyone except my friends talk about deceiot its honestly a w game excited for deceit 2

  22. Stay Out is a multiplayer knockoff of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. it seems lol

  23. I played the free "We were here" game. It was terrible. Tons of glitches with the UI, voice didn't work; and was forced to do a work around. I would even claim it is unplayable in it's state. I used a windows 7 computer, the game broke with no voice. Then I used a windows 10 laptop and it worked a little bit better, but the sound didn't work; or the other person didn't have sound. It was just completely terrible. No way to test your mic and sound before starting a game. No way to test communications with "team mate" before the game starts. I spent over two hours starting/joining random games till I figured out the walkie talkies weren't working because there was a glitch with the UI/mic/speaker settings. I had to manually edit the registry to make it work. How the F can you call that a good game in 2022?

  24. But you have to buy something to play with your friends on steam dont you?

  25. that moment he says bring your friends along with you … then relise all your friends play console 😢

  26. The GMS that you use here is completely different softing than the one I use even though I'm using tNice tutorials exact software, why is tNice tutorials?

  27. both the GMS and softEX setup is very different from the one ur using.. why is it so.? GMS doesn't even soft like a app one… and the

  28. so the top 2 are pretty bad STALKER clones. I have tried both will to live and stay out, both are very pay to win

  29. I'm gonna try to explain these games as quickly as possible:
    Rogue company: another shooter with a "unique quirk" that has an awkward TTK, that's like, mildly fun, but also kinda bland.

    We were here: the first game of a quadrilogy, this ones free but the other 3 aren't. all of them are just, another co-op puzzle game. It's nice but it really doesn't stand out. According to steam reviews, it has horrible connection issues. Fine when I played it.

    Deceit: Amogus but with a bit more wiggle room for skill as it is technically an "FPS" scary as shit.

    Stay out: Literally the game Stalker but on a server.

    Will to live: literal shit game. There have been an overwhelming amount of reports of Official server admins taking bribes from players. You can ban an entire clan from the game permanently for 100USD.

  30. we were here series are amazing me and my friend are doing the last one and its pretty large

  31. Called Stalkers.. what ever that means. Man dont tell me you never heard of Stalker series 🙄

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