The Top 5 Free Online Multiplayer Games on the Nintendo Switch!! -

The Top 5 Free Online Multiplayer Games on the Nintendo Switch!!

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The Nintendo Switch is typically known for its single player games like Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, etc. However, over the past years, Nintendo has caught on with their online service (somewhat), however, I decided to compile a list of the top 5 free online multiplayer games on the Nintendo Switch for you guys! The top 5 free online multiplayer games on the Nintendo Switch list was difficult to make, because there are some good free online games for the Switch, but after playing the majority of them, I’ve decided to narrow it down to this list! I hope you guys find this video helpful!

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  1. What is up everyone, and welcome back to another video! For all of you who actually do play your Nintendo Switch online, I hope this list of games helps you! Until next time!

  2. Great video!! Two games that should have been mentioned are Tetris 99 and warframe!! But other then that the list was great!!

  3. Very good list!! Definitely would have added a game like Vigor or Dauntless to the list, but the rest of these games are good as well!!

  4. Great video!! Definitely a solid list! Hopefully apex legends comes out soon to the switch!!

  5. I’m glad rogue company is number 1. Definitely deserves it. You can tell Hi Rez out a lot of love in the switch version. It has runs great with no missing maps, modes with cross play, voice chat and gyro!

    Also sweet fire team bravo 2 comparison! It does remind me a lot of that game. Played it like crazy on the psp.

  6. Paladins has voice chat as well. You neglected to mention it. That was a great list though. Paladins and Rocket League are classics. If only you threw Warframe in there…

  7. Great video. You plan on doing any Wii U content soon? I play my switch but lately I’ve been stuck catching up on some Wii U games. Would love to get your angle on the platform.

  8. My top 5 free switch games are:

    Rocket league – Rogue Company – Fantasy strike – Asphalt 9 – Warface

  9. Great video its really cool to see free online multiplayer games for the switch.

  10. The only thing that's disappointing about the rogue company is you don't have the option to turn off Crossplay in switch.. it kinda makes it unfair to play other people on pc 🙁 I hope they also put turn off cross-play in apex legends!

  11. Playing FPS on switch is PAIN….. fps is better on PC

  12. Bruh I still can’t get over how nice of a neck you got bro, I lift but still can’t achieve what you have. 😂

  13. I quit playing more face because of the pay to win

  14. Warface is the best game to play on switch. It just has a lot of issues like bullets that didnt do damage but when into another player and lack of players/taking for ever for matches to start

  15. Thank you so much now I can play with my friends❤

  16. Bro i really enjoyed Warface on Switch
    Is the closest we get to Call of Duty on the hybrid system
    Good graphics and gameplay, lots of modes, i really enjoyed this game

  17. Looking at you are you about to fall asleep.? or are you on somthing more medicinal….!!!

  18. Warface screwed up their servers… I can't even play it now. Funny, I can play crappy HUB region + recycled dungeons games like Warframe and Skyforge… You know… MMORPGS!!! Yet I can't play Warface because they screwed up their servers. -_- That game needs to be excluded from all lists until they fix their excrement… Also the Switch DESPERATELY needs a PROPER MMORPG that DOESN'T just use a stupid hub map with recycled dungeons. Seriously.

  19. These are awesome!! Ppayed Ninjala..its ok but annoying to play.. Downloaded Rogue Co and Warface and excited to play! Thanks!

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