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The Universal – Free Online Game

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The Universal is a free online game which has a small community but very close and everyone knows each other well. The game gives you access to design your own world how you want it to be, you can try out models and textures ingame, create heightmaps for your world, create new weapons easily using scripts (like the cow cannons as seen in the video). So far ive seen racing worlds, pirate worlds, medieval worlds, business tycoon worlds, rpg type worlds, all player designed worlds which is made easy by the use of the World Creator. It even comes with an easy to use guide telling you all the functions and commands. If your more into battling and such then you could try out space, where you can trade resources between planets as to make space money to buy new ships, new weapons, and ship accessories. These are easy to gain and you can be a fully armed space pirate in no time choosing either a path of evil or good.

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P.S sorry about the bad quality video, Youtube turned it to crap.


  1. Was an amazing game, great fun time, and it felt like the most "indie" and "obscure" gamedev scene ever. Lovely!

  2. Oh man. I have some fond memories of playing this years ago. I remember I found a planet I wanted to travel to, but it was really far away. Had to set the course and fly for hours. Eventually getting there, and then exploring the surface, it was indescribably fun. Then I started taking part in races with the vehicle side of things, and the fun just kept expanding. I loved seeing what weird and unique things people would come up with on their worlds.


    Hehe i miss hosting the old planet claden with fight nights. (scence with flying cow missles)

  4. you can instant play this… just download and install

  5. The universal has the potential to be a HUGE game. Plenty of people could be trading cargo between planets while others act as pirates and have battles with the bodyguards you hire.
    Or you could just chill on the planets which are all different lol

  6. i really like this game, get too build up from nothing and then get cars and airplanes and what not, only probloems are not many players,no updates that i know of, and there is really only 1 in game world i like to play and half the time i cant. servers are down alot

  7. Can you control AI? Like make a more ships and give them orders, to trade here or there and attack this or that?

  8. I miss this game. Anyone know any really good economy-based servers? I remember I used to play on an awesome one that started with a Z. Zarion or something similar to that. God I miss this game.

  9. TU is on its way back up! Game is having a complete make over and population is on the rise, it will take some time to re-implement everything but it will be bigger and better than before, so it is definitely worth waiting for!

    i love this game…

  11. I wish the game was like it used too. I want space back.. I missed the good old times in TU with the black guard crew and running planet claden. haha

  12. i try it but tutorial is pain so i uninstaled it

  13. The game itself was amazing – Trading and finding good trade routes, avoiding pirates who want to steal all ur stuff. Living on planets. Finding aliens.
    Haha i never thought u were recordong this 🙂 I was fightin on this dogfight at the begining. But as i remember that was laser only fight bcuz i had bounty 🙂
    If MISHKA or any 1 from old crew will read this PM me!
    Greetings – Reanimator vel Rean SR ^^

  14. damn this game brings back memorys, i was in the first "staged" dogfight

  15. Im such an OG player I played this when it was called A Tractor lol

  16. Is there any group or something like facebook page to talk with other players?

  17. Please take these popup games from my cell phone. These are interfering with my professional work as a social worker of NYCity. Thank you

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