The World of Online Flash Games -

The World of Online Flash Games

Peter Knetter
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Back with another dive into the creepy world of online flash games. Today I see a lot more Judy Hops dress up games, but back in the day, Andcon, Newgrounds, Miniclips etc has some actually great games


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  1. do club penguin rewritten except its not flash anymore as anything flash needs a client app

  2. How to summon patter
    1 play his vids
    2 Play Spyro or sonic 06

  3. This. This is why flash shut down. They couldn't take all of the abominations that where created. There were many great ones but the terrible low effort games made adobe commit shut down everything

  4. Other youtubers: it’s fine, I’m fine, seconds later AAAAAAAA
    Peter: w h e e z e

  5. It is hard though, genuinely impossible

  6. coolmathgames is:
    remove the first 2 words and add "flash" before it

  7. I miss flash.
    How else am I supposed to play Super smash flash 2 or Tetris?

    Ps. Fire boy and water girl was pretty cool, I used to love that game.

  8. In a mocking voice
    “Connect with face book. I DoNt UsE FaCeBooK

  9. 11:00 ill be real with you, everyone calls me "Kash" actually, i made it up as an acronym for the 3 names people can refer to me as due to my d.i.d so I claim creation rights Papler.

  10. Flash games sometimes are wired and are some are good

  11. soneek saves-a mari-oh i hope that there's lot's of spaghietti

  12. You should play the Shadow The Hedgehog flash game that was made as marketing by Sega themselves. It is… uhhh… interesting.

    …Either that or it was only hard because the only other shooter I’ve ever played is Splatoon 2.

  13. Tails should be an official free character.

  14. My main character—

    Kraby 🙂

  15. lol i played that sonic games website when i was a young kiddo

  16. “Do I have to collect the balls? That’s stupid.”

  17. when i was little "we had dial up". when i was little the majority of people did not own home computers and unless you worked for the army you had never heard of the "internet". lol

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