The World of Online Flash Games -

The World of Online Flash Games

Peter Knetter
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Back with another dive into the creepy world of online flash games. Today I see a lot more Judy Hops dress up games, but back in the day, Andcon, Newgrounds, Miniclips etc has some actually great games


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  1. Peter: Plays Sonic game
    Also Peter: *MARIO MUSIC*

  2. CoolMathGames is not a math website. It's just an ordinary game website teachers let you go to because it has math in the title. There are no games related to math on it.

  3. Its look like brawlhalla but with old video games characters

  4. MY childhood flash games site was Fastgames but they closed the site sometime in summer 2020
    OH AND I liked
    I still play it sometimes

  5. where do they get off making such a good flash smash game, RIP flash,,,,

  6. Was cool math nostalgic for anybody else?

  7. You can tell this dude is a cunnilingus master by the way he plays Super Smash Flash 2 .

  8. that “get a life” game….. that’s a stick rpg ripoff. i’d recognise the “clock” thing in the corner anywhere

  9. I didn’t play cool math games I played room recess

  10. Random video to comment on, but your channel is so funny. I've been binging it for weeks, and watch whatever comes on next. You're hilarious and it has kept me going whenever I'm feeling super down or over whelmed

  11. Thanks for brining in the stupid girl meme. Girls can play this is a terrible role! She have never said that a then she becomes the weirdo of the world.

  12. Sonic is 15 he can't have a driver's Licence.

  13. Dude never played cool math games at school? I feel bad for you homeslice.

  14. Have you played super mario sunshine 64? Or stick fighters/ stickfu?

  15. who ever made cat Mario should get some real brains 🧠

  16. The dramatic harmonica physically tire because supply delightfully buzz upon a rhetorical specialist. disastrous, wacky jam

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