THIS IS A FREE GAME (SingSing Dota 2 Highlights #2039) -

THIS IS A FREE GAME (SingSing Dota 2 Highlights #2039)

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  1. Merry Christmas Mr.SingSing have a nice day

  2. 21:20 Valve is only small indie company. There is no way they have the money or man power to fix this.

  3. legend says the snowball still haunts him to this day

  4. 10 years ago sing was 6.5k, now he's still 6.5k. So sad that sing didn't progress at all 🙁

  5. 'the north comes with me' lmfao that snowball.

  6. lmao thats so funny, it was so competitive and then suddenly free bch no gaming hahahahha

  7. They call him the Snowball from Cobalt ! Quite literally this game

  8. Sing soloq'ing ranked and spamming tusk, am i returning to 2017 ?

  9. sing celebrate christmas by cosplaying a snowman

  10. Marci and silencer so useless in this game. I mean pick silencer for real? No int heroes in enemy 🤣🤣

  11. That snowball is a Christmas gift.

  12. Gaben so against Mastah SamSin to win this game. .. That PA is drunk as fuck and then the clutch Roshan fight almost win them the game but the bug ruined everything. .. Fooken hell m8 fooken hell

  13. Can you upload twice a day mr claritas plez

  14. I kept wondering why the thumbnail showed sing as a snowman for like 4-5 minutes straight. Then I saw the rest of the video.

  15. Omg that snowball is the most hilarious thing….thx for the entertainment singuuu 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Making things look easy,Mastah outsmarting everyone of the opposite team,3:254:25

  17. I can feel the invoker, man what a player. He wanted to win that game so bad. Awesome game wp masta sing close close close

  18. 8:15 how did invoker have that sunstrike effect when he is not wearing the immortal item?

  19. this is the most free bitch no gaming higlight I've watch on this channel lmao

  20. Hahahahahah the thumbnail makes sense now 😂😂😂

  21. This orgy seggs scene way more entertaining than those on pornhub

  22. i member when sing is the only one Legend rank player when he Calibrate few years ago .

  23. They could've made a comeback, too bad they got snowballed too hard.

  24. I was wondering why the thumbnail was a snowman 😂😂

  25. Mastah snowballed the game until they lost.

  26. I can't stop laughing with this snowman xD

  27. Wow dat snowball 😂 it never left him. Oh that was really funny

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