This is the EASIEST way to become a game dev for FREE👩‍💻 #technology #programming #gamedev #career -

This is the EASIEST way to become a game dev for FREE👩‍💻 #technology #programming #gamedev #career

Coding with Lewis
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  1. Goad godot is getting so much love it rekindled my passion for game development

  2. No one can be a great game developer fast or easy, maybe free though. It takes hard work and a strong desire to be a great game developer. There are no short cuts.

  3. Current learning Python (2 weeks in) thanks for this heads up.


  5. Actually Unity and Unreal engine also has it " visual scripting" and are way advanced game engines. The logic of visual scripting is no different from writing code, doesn't matter if a game engine have it or not both needs a programmer mind.

  6. Ik it's good but tbh the light is kind off messed-up

  7. Nooo don't do it, do unity haha, unity has much more to offer as far as community and forums for every question, and it's free

  8. Nah, unity is better… buuut i like Godot to so

  9. the only thing thats not on par with other engine is the community(assets store/tutorials)

  10. When you say free do you mean 100% free or free to try

  11. godot is the best game engine. i have used unreal and unity as well but they are so bloated and more complicated also gd script is so simple it’s unbelievable

  12. Huh, kinda like unreal, my favorite because I just love c++ coding, I don’t know why, I just do, I might try Godot out now

  13. Unity is free to and its esayer to learn

  14. Unode for unity is also amazing and it's 1-1 to C#
    In this day and age idk why we still need to deal with syntax

  15. Can i get a link to download godot plsss😊

  16. Damn programming is ez i learned programming after 3 months

  17. if you wanna be a game dev the fastest, make your own physical board game out of paper


  19. Guys. I wanna tell you there is no easy and fast method to become a developer.

  20. They removed the visual scripting part

  21. WOOOOOOO GODOT!!!! I've loved using it so much

  22. I used to learn with Godot in school when i did coding classes, web development was only subject i finished and i kinda flunked on game development cause played games instead lol

  23. learning is never free, it always costs time and money, even if the tools were gratis.

  24. I am a student never touched front-end or game development, unwillingly pushed into Front-End game development for a university group and am about end my… brain. I try it out, if you are right I have to thank you personally and shake your hand.

  25. how about unity? godot is a good one but Unity is more popular??

  26. Hehe, people thought that Unity will continue to dominate the game dev market, untill they shot themselves in the foot.

  27. Visual Scripting is still programming. There's no getting around the actually learning to code element of game developing.

  28. There are no game developers in my country 😂😂😂

  29. Nah godot is not for beginners, I suggest underrated gdevelop, for beginners

  30. kinda expected to see gdevelop but godot is quite good 👍

  31. I never took to Godo.

    But thinking about game engines, I came upon something interesting. We all know that you can't disable the crappy Unity splash screen unless you pay for a proper license.

    However, you are not allowed to use the Unreal Engine branding in your UE product unless you've got a proper licensing agreement and Epic have approved/certified it.

    A diametric approach to quality control.

  32. Hold on

    Did he just say python like coding language


  33. as someone who is learning programming
    to all those who want to make games but don't wanna learn coding be fr

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