This new survival game is actually FREE.. -

This new survival game is actually FREE..

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Welcome to Road to Vostok. A New Post apocalyptic survival game that is now free to play. This is an early demo of the game that allows you to explore and experiment with weapons and the world around you.

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  1. My tits get jacked every time I hear "single Dev" The pattern with them seem to be If it doesn't flop early, or get abandoned. They end up being insane art pieces made with the labor of love.

    And the fact that he's 10+ years in the military gives me all the confidence I need to know that this one is gonna be something incredible.

    Can't wait to see how this turns out, and Thank you for your service, dev! Downloading the Demo right now.

  2. "I cant even see the guys!!!"

    welcome to hell let loose xD

  3. I played this game's first demo a long time ago i think almost a year and this game is good looking in unity and its made by one dev its amazing

  4. i played it and im such a puss when it comes to these games i was scared shitless wondering when i'd run into someone. same exact reaction when i first got shot 😂

  5. Definitely has some fallout vibes. Looks awesome

  6. Thanks for promting this dev, he really deserve it

  7. Can't wait!! The game looks soo good! ( I personally would pay 100$ for this as is!!)

  8. Jesus christ.. Its an old satellite TV on batteries, and THINK for a second. Main doors open outwards in reality (if you have western world standard construction work, which they have in Finland), so they should open outwards in the game. And dude, you choose the sighting options for easy aiming, you want all doors opening inwards for ease of escape. If you want easy, you might be reviewing the wrong genre overall.

  9. A heads up….. your hats on the wrong way around……..

  10. Out doors are legally set open towards out in Finland.

  11. these AI haven't met my dad yet, hes pretty much invisible

  12. Bro I get a feeling this is gonna be a big one. If only I could invest in stock for this game and creator somehow lol

  13. No. It is not free. Every single demo in the history of demos have always been free, that does not make the actual game free, which, is going to be 10 to 20 dollars.

    Why lie? It's fucking stupid

  14. This looks pretty cool…..I'm loving how immersive they're making these games now-a-days BUT why don't they actually add the animation of our characters hands picking-up items etc. because imo, it spoils and breaks the immersion to see the items just float around and doors just open without being touched etc. etc.

    We really should see our characters hands actually do the motions necessary and pick-up items and use handles to open doors etc. etc. This would really help the immersion and feel of the game…..We have the hardware to add and run these little touches now.

    So we should see a LOT more immersion in all games from now-on imo, we just need the devs to think of all these little things to add to their games now, where-as they had to leave these things out before, since they didn't have the hardware to enable any of it…..Devs have no more excuses, the only thing that will limit them now is their own imaginations and understanding of the tech.

  15. My first video of yours in a long time and man's still looking sexy🤑

  16. This game is actually not free, its going to cost $20

  17. Dont know why but when a solo developer is making a game its not perfect but somehow mostly better than other triple A games

  18. I just watched the LevelCap video and I am so glad the dev binded "Crouch" directly to C and not to CTRL.

    Dang, these bots kept scaring Hollow and me all the time. They can instantly jump you by the looks of it.
    I will definitely only check my inventory in a room without windows xD

  19. Calling a game "free" or "free to play" because it has very early developent demo playable for free is pretty far fetched and clickbaity.

  20. This much content in Redfall is 60 Euros.
    This game is going to be the bomb when finished.

  21. Lee Willcox - Fishies, Frogies & Kitties says:

    This is a demo, made by one guy and then there is GOLLUM. What a disgrace. This is incredible and consider he is ex military yet can create this, amazing.

  22. Bruh YouTube thought this was Escape From Tarkov lmao

  23. Nighttime should be dark… this game got it right…

  24. 10:55 ( Possiblyyyy yes ) Every gamers reaction when trapped by surprised

  25. It looks good. I am thrilled for this game. I just hope there will be locational damage instead of a life percentage. This way with AI being a bit more reactive, it will force the player to be careful, to use camouflage as much as possible in open areas and use solo CQB techniques in small areas like houses..
    Surviving against multiple attackers without a team to back you up is almost impossible. That is what I want to feel while playing this game. To be the true hardcore unforgiving game it says it will be, surviving needs to be almost impossible and dying needs to be very likely and it needs to happen very quickly

  26. is it conformed that the full game will be free?

  27. Looks like finally someone took the killing of CrapZ seriously and it literally in his own hands. Awesome game!

  28. full game wont be out until possible 2 years time from now, but this demo is very impressive.
    let me know your thoughts down below.

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