Those Moments of Panic Between Online Games. -

Those Moments of Panic Between Online Games.

Daniel LaBelle
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Those few seconds of panic when you try to get something done between online games.
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  1. Or mid game and ur abot to wee urself and ur overthinking, “ do I pee now or in my pants”

  2. EXACTLY me when i pee and playing 🎵at the same time🎵

  3. Nobody gone talk about how perfect that trash slip in the perfect position💀

  4. My guy does not even have a mic and he's talking to his tv

  5. Its more like Daniel LaFell by the end of the Short.

  6. "Game is Over, Bonus Round" That was personal 💀

  7. 🤓 ☝️ actually he went 9 seconds over 10 seconds meaning that he took 19 seconds

  8. Letter'take off a trash" is over time

  9. My name is Barry Allen and I'm the fastest man alive.

  10. bro can we talk about how did the chips teleport to him💀

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