Toddler games for 1 2 3 4 year olds kids free apps - PRESCHOOL AND KINDERGARTEN PUZZLES AND GAMES -

Toddler games for 1 2 3 4 year olds kids free apps – PRESCHOOL AND KINDERGARTEN PUZZLES AND GAMES

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+++ 12 Beautiful environments first 5 are FREE

An engaging pair matching game for practicing basic concepts and enhancing visual perception skills with the added value of learning about different environments relevant for children’s early development.

A beautiful educational game for toddlers.

About the game
Explore beautifully illustrated environments and practice basic concepts in this engaging pair matching game aimed for children aged 3 and up. Practice essential basic concepts while matching pairs by colour, shape, logic and attention to details.
This fun game is also designed to help children develop higher skills such as categorical thinking and task persistence.

Game features:
– Easy and intuitive: Toddlers can play this game independently.
– Narration helps to learn new words and concepts as well as understanding instructions
– No stress or time limits.
– Safe environment for your kids (girls & boys). Ads free and No pop ups.
– Enjoyable and educational.

Educational targets:
– Practice visual perception concepts.
– Establish Motor skills such as Hand-eye coordination.
– Practice Visual Attention.
– Explore environments relevant for child development
– Basic categorical thinking.
– Practice task persistence.

The game consists of 12 engaging environments, each containing a matching challenge.The boards were CAREFULLY CHOSEN in order to practice and advance early learning concepts and skills. Your child will visit many different unique environments that spark the curiosity and imagination and make learning a fun experience.
Game Boards:
– Fish: Match fish to their homes by COLOR
– Ferris wheel: Match animals based on RESEMBLANCE
– Astronauts: Match astronauts based on SHAPE
– LOCKS: Match keys to locks based on SHAPE
– UMBRELLAS: Match patches to umbrellas based on SHAPE and COLOR
– FARM: Match farm objects based on LOGIC
– FLOWERS: Match butterflies to flowers based on COLOR COMBINATIONS
– Skateboard ramp: Match tools based on SILHOUETTE
– SHOES: Match shoes based on TYPE and COLOR
– WHEELS: Match wheels to vehicles based on LOGIC
– BATH: Match hiding animal based on DETAILS
– ORCHESTRA: Match musical instruments based on OUTLINE

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