Tons of HUGE PS4/PS5 Game Updates! Free PS Plus Games LIVE, INSANE SALE, PS Stars NEW Rewards + More -

Tons of HUGE PS4/PS5 Game Updates! Free PS Plus Games LIVE, INSANE SALE, PS Stars NEW Rewards + More

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  1. Infamous remake is fine, I would rather have Resistance 1 & 2 ….
    Socom 2 remake…without all the loading I would take Mac Payne 3 remake

  2. I wish my PlayStation would arrive from the repair facility already 😩

  3. The guy who wrote the first 2 Horizon games and had control of the projects left. I no longer believe anything new in the series will be good.

    Which is a damn shame, because the first 2 weere fantastic.

  4. I have a wired 1000 mbit internet connection. Even with that streaming games sucks. There is to much delay for streaming. And the video quality is not great.

  5. You say killzone 2.

    I say no if I'm only getting one I want 3.

    Kz3 online was the best, operations mode was the best multiplayer experience, the classes were all amazing. Announce that n you get my money here and now.

  6. Aren't these all PS4 games? When did they stop offering PS5 games?

  7. Is Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 gonna be a free update for the last gen owners?

  8. You think Eric Williams will get to make a Castlevania game?

  9. "Thinking should become your capital asset, no matter whatever ups and downs you come across in your life." __A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

  10. We do NOT need a Horizon remake. Like…let’s just be honest

  11. We need a Scarface remake also a resistance remake also a fear remake

  12. “Unfortunately some of you guys may be premium subscribers” thanks for the burn LOL 😂

  13. Axiom verge 2 is dope for a throwback title and I am already hooked 😎👌(already have Hedi fallen order which is a great game)fallout 76…meh. my favorite is fallout 3.

  14. Horizon zd plays so good on ps5 so it seems like a waste but it is an awesome game and I can't argue that it will sell on next gen 🤷‍♂️

  15. I wish we could just move on…. why does everything need a remake? Movies, music, video games… I just want some creativity and original ideas.

  16. M.A.G was awesome. Only online shooter I ever got into. Great maps and a good counter to the COD style shooter.

  17. "Your videos always have interesting things that make me very excited to watch it"

  18. Yay more remakes! That's exactly what I thought the new year would bring…..

  19. this is awful idea, that we are giving them, to just recreate game every 2 year

  20. Me: Meh. I got every game I wanted from Gamestop already.

    2 hours later: buys 8 games.

  21. Yes for Infamous!! Oh man, I'd buy that and the sequel if they would remake them. Love those games!

  22. Wow and I thought LOU was a lazy shameless cash grab. FW? Give me an F ing break.

  23. Zero dawn getting a remake is a joke- I could see if there was a third or fourth game in the series but there's literally only two games and they are already remaking the first game… makes zero sense.

  24. Hey you said to mention what kinda content we or I like to see is more deals on physical copies $👍🏼✌🏼

  25. Yes bring back killzone omg that's what I want to man but I would love to see mag remade

  26. no more remakes, unless you are pulling from something 10 plus years ago.

  27. I would do anything for a kill zone remake, reboot, or even a sequel or spin off.

  28. Legend of Dragoon needs a remake.

  29. Is it normal for games on disc to download quicker than pan games

  30. I want that Persona 3 remake rumor to be true

  31. Ah, okay, gotcha. It's a Horizon Zero Dawn HD remaster.

  32. Awesome job iam glad you cover playstation stars

  33. "Don't raise your voice, improve your argument." –Anonymous

  34. When do the monthly games become available to download

  35. Why did i get Ps plus premium one month voucher for free. Anyone???

  36. A lot of people hate on premium but it’s literally $20 then extra for the year so honestly who gives a fuck just get it lol

  37. "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly." —Proverb

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