Top 10 Best Android Games Like Animal Crossing (Online/Offline) -

Top 10 Best Android Games Like Animal Crossing (Online/Offline)

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Ranking my personal favorite 10 #best #androidgames like #Animalcrossing #newhorizons so drop a like, sit back and enjoy!

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  1. Glad you guys like the video 🙂 Please consider supporting the channel by becoming a member (Next to the subscribe button) or joining my Patreon at, you'll get your name in my videos along with a ton of exclusive content like early access, sneak peaks and more! Much appreciated! 🙂

  2. Can you give links to the games becouse i cant find 'em in the app store?

  3. I downloaded stardew valley on mobile but i found it too overwhelming for me 🙁 But imma give it another shot. :3

  4. Hey! if you're trying to find a game similar to mobile crossing, i found this game called "sunshine days" trust me it's literally animal crossing but not animal crossing SO ADDICTING!.

  5. Give us a good games booster please bro, all we're using these days are fake and useless

  6. First Video:I'm very sad cause I don't have animal crossing I'm glad I watched your video

    checks the game

    Uhmmmm never mind I'm still sad its fake the video

    Last check games: uhhmmmmmm never mind

  7. Why I can't find the castaway paradise

  8. just download pocket piooners on playstore

  9. Can you make a video about Android games that look like tomotoru?

  10. Perfect when I just needed animal crossing and it popped in my recommendation and I'm broke thank you :3

  11. Do you even know what dont starve is. Animal crossing is cute and chill. Dont starve throws you in a world that wants to kill you with wierd mutated creatures. Oh yeah and there are fucking shadow monsters in it.

  12. Uhh one more app is like animal crossing new horizons the game is name townkins

  13. Can u put tomotoru in 🙁 it was a really beautiful game

  14. But why animal crossing pocket camp isn't available in India 😭😭😭😭😕

  15. When I used to play Roblox days went by and I didn't even eat 😂😂😂 and I would only notice after a week or two…

  16. Pocket Pioneers is a good alternative for animal crossing. I've never tried playing animal crossing but based on what I see and watch on videos, I got ACNH vibes on it!

  17. Ammm…. That was the first time that I so omg thank you but what is the first video I saw a wedding


  19. Me who has animal crossing on my GameCube : Well I don't think I need to watch this

  20. Townkins is a very good game for this

  21. So less comments and likes! I'm 601 like and 76th comment 😀

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