Top 10 Best Free Games of 2020 -

Top 10 Best Free Games of 2020
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All this great content and it won’t cost you a penny! For this list, we’re looking at the video games with the best content that you can play right now for free. Our countdown includes the likes of “World of Tanks”, “Destiny 2”, “Dauntless”, “Warframe”, and more! Did YOUR favorite freebie game make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. All this other clickbait is annoying. But I can trust watch mojo.

  2. Ginshin impact should be added to the list

  3. World of tanks is the shittest free2play game with pay2win mechanics going as far as giving out specialized ammo and also giving crew skills and other things for pay2win

  4. I enjoy Valorant more than all the games on this list ngl

  5. Warframe should be number 1 no other game like it

  6. Destiny 2 is definitely not better than Warframe 😂

  7. Y’all most likely never heard of planetside 2

  8. Cod and apex legend
    I think the best free game

  9. nice video, i like Top 10 Free Games Lists 😀👍

  10. cough cough* among us cough cough minecraft cough*

  11. umm now i know the best game so can u tell me how to get them

  12. Awesome and great 😌 free games really wonderful too

  13. 1 Team fortress 2
    2 cs:go
    3 Call of Duty Warzone
    4 apex

  14. You also left out a little gem called smite!

  15. Warzone doesn't count, it costs you a entire storage drive

  16. Since when does Free mean Multi – Player…

  17. Best games for me (free)
    1. Rocket league
    2.Genshin impact

  18. Don't get why valorant isn't on the list but akay, I'm Clearly missing something

  19. It's sad most good free games are gun games, sigh

  20. theres too many russians that speak and im like stfu thats why i unnistalled it

  21. Pfff…. imagine hating Fortnite over sweats just hide until the end of the game and smack the last sweat with a season 4 90’

  22. famous last words
    "What's Fortnite?"
    hmmm can u guess why she died

  23. Even free games cannot run on my potato pc 😔😔😔 so sad 😢😢😢

  24. 0:24
    “Either playing it or hating it”

    You forgot can’t play it cause ur pc is garbage

  25. Alternative title: Some more free games for you to suck at

  26. I though you’re gonna say No.1 – League of Legends. Lmfao

  27. World of tanks? Ball of districting ball? HAHAHAHHA lol no its pay to win and its like fortnite but no bulids(i dont play fortnite i hate it Just to be clear) and you are in a tank its bs war thunder is beter and way more easy to learn to play and btw tnaks is real life dont have hp and if u shoot them once they go kabooom

  28. Destiny would be cool if your computer came slandered with an nvidia graphics card
    i have a brand new windows 10 and i still cant play it because of the graphics card

  29. This needs to update and add Genshin impact

  30. save money

    EA joins the chat says your FIRED

  31. I broke my tv and plus fortnite ant free

  32. Dauntless is a witcher knock-off change my mind.

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