Top 10 Best Free Games of 2022 -

Top 10 Best Free Games of 2022
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If you’re a gamer without funds, these free games are definitely your best options to play! For this list, we’re looking at the free-to-play games you ought to check out this year. Our countdown includes “SMITE” (2014), “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” (2020), “Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt” (2022), “Disney Mirrorverse” (2022), and more! Have you already been playing these titles? Was there another free-to-play game you think people should give a chance? Let’s help our buddies-on-a-budget in the comments!

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  1. damn you should've put roblox up in there, or in honerable mentions at least. How'd you miss that?

  2. No CSGO, Valorant, Dota2, LoL, Apex Legend, Pubg.

  3. I would only recommend genshin if you are a very patient or just casual player… on second thought no dont play genshin, you can try BUT BE WARNED!

  4. lmao you guys didn't even mention warframe


  6. My top 10
    Rocket league
    Rouge company
    Fall guys

  7. Why are you talking about The Witch Queen expansion, when it's not free?!

  8. when did genshin impact become 76 gigs !!??!!??

  9. This is literally just 10 ads. And most of them aren't even really free 🤣

  10. Multiverse is true copy of Chaos faction.

  11. dosent destiny need an online subscription to play?

  12. Can we get a list of best app games for $5 and no micro transactions?

  13. sadly Destiny is free but the expansion is not

  14. bro is this guy fatherless? putting genshin shitpack on the number one spot dude

  15. bro genshin impact is so trash like literally so trash ppl send memes to it like "ur sorry ass after u download genshin impact"

  16. witchqueen isn´t free then why put destiny smh

  17. Geez how long have I been saying Taj Mahal building in fortnite

  18. Ok in genshin and destiny you have to pay to enjoy content unlike games like Warframe where you don't have to pay a cent to enjoy all it's content… ¿True f2p list when ?

  19. I seen fallout shelter and knew this was a trash video

  20. Really got Destiny 2 but not Warframe in your list????

  21. those good old days of gta's still the newer games can't beat these epic games

  22. i have been waiting too long for elder scroll 6 but i am too pussy to play fallout

  23. (Writing in my dads account)
    Genshin Impact is one of the best games I’ve tried: music, lore, characters, event, background. The nature and light is very cracked. Even if spending money would be better (almost all games paying is better) you don’t need to. Just pot effort and a short amount of time and it could be a very enjoyable game. It has so much mechanics like cooking, gacha, housing and more to discover. It keeps updated every month with new things.

  24. I'll never understand how Destiny got popular…

  25. Genshin impact is very free to play friendly
    You can kill all boss with just only 4 Star
    That's why I like genshin impact so much
    No need to pay

  26. Genshin Impact is great but i think it is no in number 1

  27. Please stop putting the game cinematic trailer, instead put the actual gameplay of the game

  28. U advertised destiny 2 the which queen ….BUT IT IS NOT FREE SO YOU CANT ADVERTISE FREE GAME CUZ OF PAID DLC ! Base D2 is trash !

  29. Genshin impact players have fatherless impact.

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