Top 10 best FREE indie games -

Top 10 best FREE indie games

Versus Evil
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There might not be such a thing as a free lunch, but let’s all thank our lucky stars free indie games are definitely a thing. Here are 10 excellent examples, from a spoof of the edutainment genre to… whatever Armagad is. Besides excellent, of course.


  1. What other recommendations do you have for free indies? Let us know!

  2. Bank of Wonders in trove… ahh i made 100m flux doing that then quit

  3. Trove gets horrendously boring slowly but surely

  4. i love guild of dungeoneering btw just a fyi

  5. Trove is awful intense grind played for 476 days and quit made it to 23567 pr has a lot of crashes and disconnection problems ps pay to win

  6. Your like watchmojo without the meme status but with extra generic white boy #47

  7. Why do so many indie games look like it’s from the 90’s?

    I get that the whole “8-Bit” thing used to be a “style”, but now it just comes off as unoriginal and outright lazy. Im not buying another damn “8-bit” game because it’s about time indie games learn how to create better graphics

  8. I thought the title said “Idle” games and when I saw trove on the thumbnail, I had to see what you were talking about

  9. Trove is a free game, but we need gold in the Xbox to play

  10. Anyone played D.o.t? There's a remake on forums and discord… Currently in alpha but slowly making progress

  11. Trove was ok rest are TRASH damn people like think make gaming look bad

  12. Where the fuck is warframe? I'm pretty sure it's an indie game

  13. I used to play trove when it wasn't free, most people would probably think that it was worse then, but actually it was better. You could unlock new characters with coins that you earn. Since it became free they made it so you had to pay to get new characters. That's why it isn't as popular

  14. I play trove and I’m a pro with the gunslinger

  15. I have a ZTE phone will you send me shoes games please

  16. I already played Emily is away it was fun to play when I had nothing else

  17. I tried to play trove but I couldn’t

  18. for me is a indie game: a singelplayer game, with short team, and good gameplay

  19. I have spent so many hours of my life playing trove and yet I hate the game

  20. If the best things in life are free how do you explain minecraft java edition

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