Top 10 Best FREE Open World games on Steam! -

Top 10 Best FREE Open World games on Steam!

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FREE open world games you can download for free:

Conquerors Blade
Albion Online
Destiny 2


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  1. 1 game on steam and it is a hidden gem. It is called Stay Out its free on steam

  2. Oh no, after almost 500 hours I really cannot recommend Warframe to anyone.
    I love the game, I really do love it to death, but any new player that comes is gonna get sucked up and only realize the game has no actual content more than sitting in you Orbiter for hours.
    I really advise against Warframe, even if it breaks my heart to do so.

  3. I needed this video on Thursday, god bless you CB, may you forever drink as heartily as you bone the milfs! Cheers

  4. May try a few of them.

    Great video keep it up 👍

  5. I tried to get into Runescape on Steam, but right from the beginning there are quests you can't do unless you have a subscription. I know you can earn stuff in-game to get free premium time, but it really turned me off to see a pay wall right at the beginning of the game.
    I do enjoy your videos, though; hope to see your channel grow.

  6. Old school RuneScape was awesome ! I may restart it again! Thanks for the video!


  8. Finaly a relief for my wallet :3

  9. Didn't know I wanted a video about this. Thank you.

  10. Great vid as usual Could you list games in description please (no need for pen and paper)

  11. Your videos always make me laugh. I know the Dick joke is coming but it still gets a laugh

  12. Unturned, with that Dire Straits, "Money for Nothing" look.

  13. Unturned?….Hey! …..I like……mindless killing in squares!
    (Backstab with your machine gun)???

  14. 10:09 Woah….A real life Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon….awesome🤩

  15. you should check out sectors edge. its free and very fun

  16. "mother in-law sees garbage in you while your wife can see a treasure" epic words

  17. Ya know what they say about me

    That didn’t age well

  18. those clips in between killed
    and come on give us a giveaway now we college students need good games

  19. Is that a PS4 controller with Xbox buttons and a steam logo on the PS button? Lol. I would buy one.

  20. bro did you just rip off the other guy at the top of the list

  21. Best free open world game now has to go to Genshin Impact!

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