Top 10 Best FREE PS4/PS5 Games You Can Play RIGHT NOW! (Free to Play Games 2021/2022) Free Games -

Top 10 Best FREE PS4/PS5 Games You Can Play RIGHT NOW! (Free to Play Games 2021/2022) Free Games

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00:00 – Best Free to Play PS4/PS5 Games 2021/2022

00:22 – Final Fantasy XIV (Free to Play MMORPG Trial)

01:45 – Warframe (Free to Play Third Person Shooter RPG)

02:44 – Apex Legends (Free to Play FPS Battle Royale)

03:33 – Dauntless (Free to Play Monster Hunting Game)

04:27 – Splitgate (Free FPS Game)

05:16 – MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM BATTLE OPERATION 2 (Free to Play Multiplayer Mech Gundam Game)

05:45 – Rocket League (Free Car Soccer Arena Game)

07:08 – Path of Exile (Free Diablo-Like RPG)

08:20 – Enlisted (Free to Play FPS Multiplayer Game)

09:14 – Genshin Impact (Free Open World RPG)

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These are the best free playstation games you can download right now. Free to Play PS4/PS5 Games for you to know about.


  1. Wanna know why Free to Play games are blowing up? Because AAA games are pretty much the same games but with price tags. Why pay $60 for a game that wants $20 for skins. When you can pick up a free game and support it. (Crossout has earned every penny I've given that game, and I'm so glad it's finally getting battle passes and updates like it should)

  2. Where is Call of duty Warzone ?🤨

  3. What r u saying bro apex is the most popular br right now more than it was when it came back all streamers moved to apex

  4. The fact that SMITE wasn't included as the only free to play moba is such a shame..

  5. ps + is not required ?? In free to Play games

  6. Never play dauntless they don’t listen to there community and they only add what they want into the games and don’t consider there consumers the game is dying and you should never consider downloading or investing in dauntless if you really want a good/great gaming experience consider download monster hunter world after that download monster hunter world which is currently on sale which is a way better than dauntless

  7. I tried Path of Exile, but basic melee combat has to be fun for me, and it just wasn't.

  8. Nope nope nope. I don't recommend playing Warframe. It doesn't respect your time and efforts grinding out gear. YOU GET PUNISHED BY USING TRICKS YOU DISCOVER IN THE GAME. From It's lack luster repetitive gameplay with lack luster Gameplay loops and egregious decisions from DE. I don't recommend Warframe to anyone. If you value your time and want to have fun try out other games.

  9. I wouldn't call warframe p2w becuz buying stuff doesnt really affect the game it just makes it so that you get stuff faster than those who farm for those things. As a warframe player for people new to the game dont spend real money on the game you can get almost everything in the game by trading with players and farming

  10. When I tried dauntless for the first time it was complete shit, the whole hub world just seemed like a mess and the story was moving so fucking slow. I played for a few days and it just didn't seem interesting. Everytime I launched it I felt like I had to do so many steps to get to the enjoyment aspect of it.

  11. I actually really love rocket league. It took me some time to try it out and even my friend dogged on me when I started playing it but it's really good.

  12. Just mentioning Gundam Battle Operation 2 is enough for me to give this video a like. Out of all the free to play games, Gundam Battle Operation 2 is definitely my favorite one to play!

    Some other free to play games I enjoyed playing are Warface, Splitgate, Fantasy Strike, and Paladins.

  13. Id have to agree, dauntless lost some of its shine but is still fun as hell, sad there is no phoenix behemoth in a game developed by "Phoenix labs"

  14. Warframe is dogshit.
    Excellent gameplay loop, but there’s absolutely no endgame and the sparks of brilliance in the story are few and far between. Multiplayer is still broken, and the leads have no idea wtf to do with the game.

    I think it’s morally reprehensible to recommend games like Genshin. Gacha with a side of gaming? No thanks. There’s much better free to play games. But considering you’re probably going to waste money on it anyway, might as well pick up something worth your time and money.

  15. Bruh Apex Legends is trash so would you include it in the video? That's kinda sus ngl

  16. sounds like how you put it you put some $ in to Genshin Impact

  17. Dauntless is also a reallly great game.kinda like a free monster hunter

  18. Genshin impact is free to 0lay game XD You need to spend 100000$ to get something

  19. So glad to see Warframe on this list a lot of people think it's a pay to win but it's not everything u can buy u can also earn including the in game currency excluding color palettes which is only 5 bucks

  20. People who can play ARPGs on consoles are built different.

  21. Warframe is free. Its 50 cents

  22. Some of them are not even free like final fantasy and others

  23. The only game that was fun in my opinion is rocket League

  24. Thank you for all the good games can't wait to play

  25. Thank you so much I was looking for some quick fun games to play and this really help me a lot a lot of these games are actually really fun and I’m really happy you can do this I downloaded a bunch of these games you’re really good guy keep it up

  26. Path of exile reminds me of old God of war names

  27. I wanted something casual with Path of Exile. Never have I been so wrong. I have 4800+ hours now in just two years. Highly addictive.

  28. So many hackers in enlisted its not funny. Get aim boted from 67749 meters no scoped like wtf bro

  29. Is there any other f2p games like dauntless and monster hunter?

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