Top 10 Best Upcoming Free Online Anime Games For 2019 & 2020 | Blue Protocol, PSO2, Genshin Impact.. -

Top 10 Best Upcoming Free Online Anime Games For 2019 & 2020 | Blue Protocol, PSO2, Genshin Impact..

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Timestamps below!

0:22 Blue Protocol

1:06 Project BBQ a.k.a. Dungeon Fighter Online 2

1:47 Genshin Impact

2:36 Phantasy Star Online 2

3:09 World of Dragon Nest

3:50 Peria Chronicles

4:23 NIKKE: The Goddess of Victory

5:00 Fairy Tail: Magic Guide

5:29 Waven

6:08 KurtzPel

Top 10 Best Upcoming Free Online Anime Games For 2019 and 2020

Calling all anime fans out there! It’s time for our new anime top 10, featuring potentially great online games. Either MMORPGs or online RPGs with smaller player counts, there is something for everyone. Let’s start with our Top 10 Best Upcoming Anime Online Games 2019~2020.

Blue Protocol

We’ll start with one of the latest announcements and surely one of the most exciting. Blue Protocol is an online anime RPG by Bandai Namco and it looks breathtaking.

Powered by the always reliable Unreal Engine 4, Blue Protocol follows a group of heroes and a world in the brink of extinction – aren’t they all? It feels like the best of Zelda and Dragon Quest were mixed together, with a few sprinkles of KurtzPel combat to give it just the right flavor.

Currently targeted for Japan, Blue Protocol is highly likely to reach the rest of the world. Bandai Namco clearly has a winner on its hands and has already mentioned its intention to do so. It’s a PC exclusive for now, so it should make the most of the platform, as the amazing graphics clearly show. The business model is yet undisclosed, but Bandai Namco is no stranger to free-to-play, so there is hope – Bless Unleashed is one of the latest examples.

Project BBQ / Dungeon Fighter Online 2

Project BBQ will finally take the Dungeon Fighter Online to the next level. The original game remains as one of the most profitable in the world, mostly thanks to China, but Neople needs to keep up with the times and owes us all a sequel.

No more side-scrolling as well; it’s all in glorious third-person perspective and full 3D, closer to what Vindictus has to offer. While combat will be the focus, you can roam the land, entering villages and running to the next dungeon. Don’t expect it to be a full fledged MMORPG and you won’t be disappointed; you can, however, expect a great action game with several ties to the first game, although it’s yet unclear if this is a sequel or an alternate story that shares some of the original Dungeon Fighter Online lore.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is the new game from the creators of Honkai Impact 3rd. Gone are the sci-fi trappings, replaced by an anime fantasy look that isn’t entirely original, but it surely is breathtaking – almost Breath of the Wild breathtaking, to be honest.

During your adventure you get to unlock more characters. You can freely switch between them to use each one’s unique abilities, something that will come in handy for combos and speedrunning. But Genshin Impact’s greatest asset is its beautiful world that you can freely explore by running, climbing and swimming, with combat looming around every corner.

While Genshin Impact is in development for mobile and PC, the latter should be the preferred version for most, as the graphics and performance truly shine. This isn’t an MMORPG, though; it’s a game that you can play solo or invite a few friends into your game world for some multiplayer dungeon romping.

World of Dragon Nest

One of the best action MMORPGs, Dragon Nest, is finally getting a true follow-up. No, not any of that mobile nonsense that… Oh, wait, World of Dragon Nest is a mobile game as well, despite being announced as a PC and mobile cross-platform game. Apparently, the PC version was put on the backburner to focus on the mobile release, so there’s strike one.

Great free anime online games that you can play right now:
Closers Online
MapleStory 2
Honkai Impact 3rd (mobile)
Tree of Savior


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  1. Would be great if project bbq came to consoles to replace that abomination

  2. I am disappointed that Peria Chronicles is on this list with no information about it’s current state or release potential. All I want is Peria Chronicles… Too many years have we waited..

  3. i didn't know about waven! thanks. i see ankama teased the game a year ago on their youtube channel. wakfu is one of my favorite mmorpgs. sadly, looking at the waven official website, it appears they have lessened the selection of classes(some of my favorites are missing.) still, i'll look forward to it.

  4. I hope PSO2 NA will follow the path of PSO2 JP you don't need to pay something to gain advantage I hope you guys that are waiting for the release have an awesome experience just like us in jp server

  5. is it actually pronouced nike? Wouldnt it be more like Kneekeh

  6. i hope Blue Protocol come out of KR and not stay only on KR

  7. I thought Genshin isn't an MMO. Nike doesn't sound like one either.

  8. Sadly, for me there is no anime MMO. I was hoping for Grandblue Fantasy MMO (3d), but there is no project.

  9. The way she says mmo and mmorpg ,sounds like it's a text to voice sw.

  10. They killed Dragon nest for that mobile shit 😞

  11. Guess I’ll wait pokemon masters & sinoalice global

  12. Keeping an eye on Blue protocol, Peria Chronicles, Project BBQ and Genshin Impact for sure! I love those beautiful looking anime games omg

  13. I ser some closed beta vídeos from peria and they dont look that good to me

  14. and all / most of the games we wont be able to play for the next 3 years… nice 😀

  15. Nothing to my taste. All these East-Asian game cliches with spiky hairs forward leaning running and superfast weapon wielding with superbig weapons against superbig enemies and superflashy fireworks effects is a superkick to the balls of immersion.

  16. Blue protocol , world of dragon nest , genshin impact … will be best 3 mmorpg games of all time

    – Genshin impact : im kind of dissapointed its so slow pace and really no action and i was waiting an online open world mmorpg game .. at the end we got solo game so when we finally have mmo open world game we find its solo .. and its like just walking around .. its for casual solo players

    – world of dragon nest : will i dont think it will be released .. i played dragon nest for too long and its heavly pay to win .. the graphique was bad but the combat was so great and i can see it will be really good with better graphique and open world

    – blue protocol : its not open world but have big zones like tera .. we dont have much information about it and we dont know if it will be released global at all .. ppl who played the closed beta says its fun

    – kurtzpel : its a reeally nice game with cool combats and anime graphique .. but so freaking boring no PVE gameplay .. the pve is just fighting bosses with other players .. no zones there is only 1 small city and a quest board like really there is no adventure on it u will get bored after a week .. ik its pvp based game but the pvp suck you get stuned with autoattacks wtf why autoattacks pushes you back and get cc from every singel thing its stupid tbh .. the game looks really good for PVE like open zones for killing monsters and doing open zones quests and some dungeons .. but there is none . and the game is really unplayable at night since you dont have solo missions like you need players to play and you cant do anything just leave the game you cant play it if u dont have ppl in the game

  17. I don't know But The Original Site of Peria chronicles went offline So i researched a bit and it said
    That nexon officially cancelled Peria chronicles.

  18. Blue protocol, Genshin Impact and Project BBQ looks hella promising. They look really good

  19. Waiting for Genshin Impact- I hope it’s as good as Honkai Impact tho- also- KURTZPEL MAKES ME WANT TO PUNCH A WALL I GET SO MAD LIKE-

  20. kurtzpel was cant download i dont know how

  21. “Highly likely to launch to the rest of the world.”

    Okay I’m out. See you in my grave.

  22. I'm here after playing genshin impact awesome game

  23. i am here after genshin impact one of the best anime type game i played

  24. srsly why no one adds tower of fantasy in their vid those who do not know about tower of fantasy go watch the trailer bruh otherwise u r gonna regret

  25. best is genshin impact rest suck compare to genshin impact

  26. I loved genshin impact like it was good but when I started level 26 in addition of the update that repeated two times all this kinda made me distant . About level 26 when u reach it u gotta pass a phase but I failed

  27. genshin impact made my expectations of mobile games

  28. Im here because i ran out of resin in genshin impact

  29. Damnit I can’t find most of these on the App Store

  30. I am still waiting for Mikke th goddess of victory for 1 year

  31. Te fact that this vid had footage of inazuma update tho

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