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Top 10 Character Creation in Free MMO Games

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Character creation systems are a vital part of MMOs nowadays and we can lose hours on end trying to come up with the perfect avatar. But which ones are the best? Here are our choices at the moment, for free-to-play games only.

Script and Video Editing: Vítor “Alexkayl” Braz
Voice Work: Taryn aka WTFSexyHeadphones ()
Music: The Easton Ellises ( )

Top 10 Character Creation in Free MMO Games:

10 – Absolute Force Online

9 – Vindictus

8 – C9

7 – Star Trek Online

6 – TERA Rising

5 – Champions Online: Free For All

4 – Dragon’s Prophet

3 – DC Universe Online

2 – Aion

1 – APB Reloaded

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  1. Including Champions Online was an April Fools joke in July….right???? I nearly died laughing when you went from the amazing graphics of Tera to Champions Online……outside of that and DC Universe, decent list.

  2. city of heros would be on here … if it didnt shut down ;-;

  3. champions is so fun to dick around with the character creator

  4. I'm looking for a game – where you are able to;
    – customize your character
    – no download
    – free online
    – action/adventure
    ….and of course, free…

  5. What about games where you don't play as 9 year old Asian girl with the body of a porn star?

  6. nice video but could do with less sexism from the narrator like wtf

  7. Champions online and Dc universe should swap places, in my opinion at least

  8. TERA is only on the list because it looks pretty. The character creation is piss poor compared to AION which is pretty much ancient in age comparison. You can pick your voice and shape your face while changing your skin tone to different shades of white. Whoop dee doo.
    You have to pay money to change chest height and thighs, and even then they don't have many hairstyles let alone accessories, (elin ears are locked to the hair ffs!)
    Not saying TERA has the worst, but it's definitely far from the best. Needs tons more variety–a bunch of foggy effects and such doesn't make the game great, (which you'll come to see there isn't much detail to the game itself so much as effects).

  9. Okay, literally none of these are compatible with Mac. Am I just a noob and doesn't know that I need Windows to play games like these??

  10. If there was an eleventh I'd definatly add playstation home to the list although the houses and some clothing do cost money trust me I definatly think its worth it I started playing the game when I was about 12 but even me being 16 now, the game is still extremely fun and exciting so definatly try it out if u have playstation 3 🙂

  11. Aion and Tera are my 2 faves for fantasy mmo. I have spent many hours creating
    my characters because the possibilities are endless  !!  I agree that your character
    should look great if you spend addictive hours playing the game.  Aion being No.1 because i love making miniature adorable characters to gigantic ridiculously scarey, in other words Aion creators give you endless hours to create magnificent characters.
    The graphics are exceptionally great, clear and creative.

  12. Bless the Korean mmorpg game factory for all their stunningly cliche and cheap games that amuse us for countless hours. Kind of like Taylor Swift.

  13. But some of games have worst armor i mean like – armour on body + def rate

  14. If you really wanted to show off these games you could, I don't know, also show what the guy models look like? I realize that you apparently don't care about anyone who isn't just playing these games to see some 3d boobs jiggling, but at least pretend. Go in depth on this shit too. If I make a female character, can I make her fat? If I make a dude, is he always gonna be muscular no matter how far the slider goes, or is there an actual skinny option? Are there sensible clothes options for females or am I going to have to pretend that a dignified warrior character is going to charge into battle in a chain mail bikini?

    How hard is it to stop and think "Maybe not everyone looking for character customization is a straight guy"?

  15. Does it matter if u make a guy or a girl or a monster its just a character folks, it's a child thing thinking u are a badass character or a super hero, u can make a orc but u are not a orc,or u are? ITS JUST A GAME

  16. I liked TERA's customization, it was enjoyable, sadly the body figure was unchangeable and some of the gender-locked classes, Elin gunner would've been great… and the new class coming out Brawler, sadly locked to human female only, I wanted to be an elin running around beating people up. Vindictus' customization was great, if you had money to spend, but it was still decent without money, and the characters and gameplay is really smooth and fun.

  17. eeeh PWI didn't even make the list, pitiful list.

  18. anyone know any good consoles games, with good character customisation, and fun gameplay?

  19. Yes, APB so has the right idea… To bad it has all the flaws, if someone fixed it, it would be awesome, a first person mode would also be great… I was hoping GTA online would be APB fixed, but as far as I know it is a co-op game, so massive letdown… 🙁

  20. "person-uh" "disgress" wtf is wrong with this commentator

  21. APB:Reloaded was awesome, the only reason I played it was because of the character customization.

    Well, that and trolling the other players with metal music.

  22. That was helpful thanks for the Upload SubScribed

  23. Am I the only one who hated C9 gameplay wise? O_o

  24. DCUO costumization better tha CO?
    You fucking what?
    DCUO costume costumization is inferior

  25. thank you so much for this top 10 games lollllll

  26. The customization on DC is absolute shit! You can only pick 3 colours, that you have to then use on EVERYTHING you are wearing, no other freedom to do anything else, also you can't change a single facial feature or build, just how tall they are basically and the hair styles are shit too.. Plus you can only look really good on that game if you either pay real money for styles or you play the game forever to get high enough CR to get the good looking gear

  27. i should update my fucking video card soon ;-;

  28. Sorry what does mmo mean
    I new to this and my boyfriend told me to watch this video cause I just started playing video games. So I'm a beginner

  29. Yeah, now that Blade & Soul is available in Europe and America, i guess it's on of the best games for character creation (sorry for the bad english :p)

  30. Jeez you sounded like a horny lesbian during the whole time..!

  31. Anyone know any good character customization games that are free for mac?

  32. look up dragon nest character creation. It is the most hype you can ever get!!

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