Top 10 FREE Android Multiplayer Games to Play with Friends | whatoplay -

Top 10 FREE Android Multiplayer Games to Play with Friends | whatoplay

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While we’re all stuck at home, games are among the best ways to get in touch and interact with our friends. Based on popular demand, here are the 10 best free-to-play Android games.
Warning: While the titles showcased are #Free, keep in mind that they come with in-app purchases.
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  1. This was posted one month ago and u give coc #1 place?

  2. Free fire is the best…multiplayer…Mobile and a pc game!!!!!
    Free fire is above all these

  3. should really add pocket legends. same creator as arcane legends, dark legends and star legends haha

  4. TBH, I am looking for games like Raft, scrap mechanics, like those bcz I waanna play and have fun with friends , hope u understand me

  5. I LOVE Corona Corona Loves,
    Hence, We love each other.

  6. Really u r giving coc in no. 1 (a 7 yrs old game Really? )

  7. Wait wut? Ithought its free to play no download needed??

  8. Bomb sqaud is most underrated multiplayer game ever one of best multiplayer game i have ever seen before PUBG

  9. MASK GUN should be on this list , game is awesome!

  10. Lol how you mention cod and not mention pubg or fortnite

  11. They are sponsored by clash of clans that is why it is nuber 1

  12. Where is pubg??…..where is among us??

  13. I thought 1st place goes to PUBGM.

  14. Cod Mobile is better than Clash of clans

  15. I only liked the 3 and 2. The rest can suck out.

  16. Standoff 2 try it ………….it is like mobile version of cs.go

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