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My list of the TOP 10 BEST Free to Play Browser FPS Games for 2020 and beyond. This list will go over the top ten free to play games that you must try in 2020, all playable in the browser! All of these games are playable on Google Chrome and Firefox and are easy to run on low spec PC’s.


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Track: Maduk – Go Home [NCS Release]
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The following games are NOT featured on this list:
1 – Red Crucible Firestorm and Red Crucible Reloaded, both are now on Steam.
2 – BeGone, doesn’t work anymore.
3 – Critical Ops, mobile only now.
4 – Contract War, client only now.
5 – Project War, doesn’t work anymore.

Games featured in this list are:
– Wolfenstein 3D
– Cartoon Strike
– Bullet Force
– Global Strike
– Rebel Forces
– Rush Team
– Superhot
– Warbrokers
– Warmerise Red vs Blue
– Crazy Pixel Apocalypse


  1. The way he pronounces Call of duty is " Call of G" HAHAHAHA

  2. wat is da game io game mthingy malingy i dust wi,,y need da anser plss

  3. for me krunker don't work
    when I click the "click to play button"(in the desktop client) it just doesnt enter the game
    when i click the "click to play" button in the browser version it gets me into the game but just cant move or shoot and even cant see my weapon or hands it just gets a photo of the map and then it freezes even when i spectate
    i am in lvl 7 but i think they banned me coz i am better than the devs
    i heard this issue in the reddit website
    so pls reply to this message if this issue is there for you
    pls say how you resolved it
    pls so that i can play
    tnx everyone

  4. i downloaded global strike ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  5. war brokers is horrible if you play on a chromebook

  6. Bro that last one I was looking for thank you so much bro😊😊😊😁😁😁😁😁😁

  7. gloable strike game is inposblle to make a acount

  8. is super hot free if it is free kindly send link in reply.

  9. war brokers pog and they also added dead end city

  10. Dude thanks bro for giving me war brokers again, I almost gave up search for this old game thanks!

  11. I was playing a game around 4 or 5 years ago, some pixel shooter browser game, does anyone maybe have a name og a game that might be it?

  12. Whenever i try to play bullet force the game ALWAYS crashes

  13. Bullet force looks like battlefield 3-4

  14. I came here searching for some old multiplayer game I found on Kongregate TY so much!

  15. Hey, how do you use sights on guns?

  16. Trying to play online games with ps4 controller

  17. When u skip the whole video to see if krunker is first

  18. Warmerise was more active in 2016, 2017. The reason for this is because the game actually shut down for a period of time to make some major changes.

  19. cant somebody make a game like modern warfare ripoff i need this

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