Top 10 Free Games to Play in 2021 -

Top 10 Free Games to Play in 2021
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You don’t need to spend any money for an amazing gaming experience! For this list, we’re looking at the best free-to-play video games you should check out in the coming year. Our countdown includes “Hearthstone” (2014), “Dota 2” (2013), “Rocket League” (2015), “Call of Duty: Warzone” (2020), “Destiny 2” (2017) and more! Which of these games will you be downloading? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Nooooo you got it the wrong way round… if you want to play a casual ARPG go for Diablo 3 not PoE.. PoE will make you grind level, acts and gear before you can get to endgame – that's the ultimate cost.. in D3 you jump almost right in with a little boost.

  2. I would play destiny 2 if it didnt rob me from my character and dlc before they moved to steam i tried transferring but it doesn't work lol

  3. Warframe is that kind of game that when you get into it, you cant get out. After 10k hours in the game, i see myself taking some week long breaks but i aways come back to stay. But hear me out if you start in the game, and you like to farm loot, dont expect to feel the need for a break.

  4. As of right now if you dont mind spending a bit of cash Destiny 2 is a very good game. Crossplay is coming in a month if you want to play with friends and as he said is one of the best fps games rn. Genshin is also good but you will get a gambling addiction I promise.

  5. Free, if you have PS Plus/Gold. (Unless your're PC)

  6. absolute poor choice of free games id be embaressed

  7. Path of exile is what made me give you like btw sir 🙂 i am sad nobody shows horror or open world rpg games or rpg but only these anime boxy games (and i love animes but i hate games that are ugly and they call it "art and style"

  8. The owner (Daybreak Games) of Planetside 2 treats free player horribly and should you revenged some paid players(they are generally assholes that would tk you out of malicious intention), Daybreak GM will instantly ban you and you literally lost every in game progress you have had.

  9. every game on list has many alternatives, except rocket league. it's a gem.

  10. Fortnite didn't even make the list? wow… It's just the biggest free to play game.

  11. You really placed Smite video from 2014? when its 2021 fk you!

  12. Sorry to say that fortnite is the 1st game ever between all others

  13. me: cod warzone i need you.. tries to download

  14. i cant consider dauntless a game since its literally a chinese version of monster hunter

  15. whenever i see free korean/chinese made mmo game i know nothing is free in it

  16. Or I am too old for video games (27 years old) or most of these games looks like something for 5 year old boys…

  17. Wow these are cool free games!
    Me after seeing Genshin: oh..

  18. I am sad that he didn't mention runescape

  19. reason why genshin impact is no.1

    2.great content
    3.consistent updates every month
    4.can play w/ others across many platforms
    5.minor toxicity bcoz its not PvP
    6.beautiful BGM arrangements

  20. if it says fortnite on number 1 i will eat my controller

  21. >Free 2 Play

    I can name two different CCGs that won't cost a cent to play.

  22. they may be free to play but they pay to win as fuck

  23. Although fortnite isn’t the best, it should’ve at least been mentioned

  24. Is Cod: Warzone really free which is shown in the video?

  25. genshit impact is biggest insult to gaming industry as a whole.
    It is literally a chore simulator, on top of that all the good weapons are only obtainable from lootboxes.
    Everything is time gated to the extremes, u can do like 5 dungeons in a day then go collect ore and artifacts for an hour and log off.
    Game treats u like literal slave, there's nothing rewarding about it, it's so stingy that u are happy when u get rewarded with 100 primogems, which isn't even enough for a single roll.
    Game literally has no respect for it's playerbase.
    Everything is limited, u can't possibly get satisfaction from playing it.
    When they added bounties it sounded fun but then i realized even that required resin and is limited how much u can do per week.
    Like just let me play the game goddam.
    Just saw that they recently added new region, thank god i quit the fucking lame game 8 months ago instead of waiting for new region.
    Game is some capitalist daily chore bullshit designed to squeeze every single penny out of anime weirdo weebs.
    Anyone who thinks genshin impact is good game is legitimate r3t4rd and should turn himself in at the closest asylum.
    Game is insult to rpg, mmo, gacha, open world, co-op, it's literally insulting for any game to be considered same genre as this piece of shit.
    It is unfathomable for me that there are idiots in this world who actually waste money on these types of games, i cannot process that.

  26. This man puts dota 2 instead of league of legends. League is 10 times better than dota 2.

  27. I would assume it's not based on the order coz I see destiny 2 higher than warframe and brawlhalla at 1st on the list

  28. I just came back to Warframe after almost a year and there's alot new stuff to grind for, not just like new weapons and characters, but also completely new game mechanics types of equipment that there wasn't before.
    If anyone is looking for grinding game, play warframe.
    Game is so in depth and there is so many different things to upgrade, at one point u will feel like u know 90% of the game but u didnt even scratch the surface.
    There's so many things to farm.
    Warframes, operator, focus trees, amps, pets, robot companions, weapons, archwing, archgun, archgun deployer, arcanes, eidolons, railjack, necramech, lich weapons…
    There is always something to grind for, and there is no time gates.
    But it will take us some time to reach the point where u can grind for anything u want.

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