Top 10 Free Games You Should Play In 2021! -

Top 10 Free Games You Should Play In 2021!

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Best Free Games PC PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch In 2021
Free Games for PC 2021
Best Free Games PC 2021 PS5 Xbox Series X S free games ps4
Bless Unleashed Enlisted eFootball PES 2021 Season Update Lite Genshin Impact Path Of Exile Rocket League Spellforce 3 Versus Edition Valorant Vigor

Best RPGs In 2021:

Best Split Screen Games In 2021:

Xbox Game Pass:

In this video I show you the Top 10 free to play games you should play in 2021, most of them are available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch, hope you find this video useful!

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0:00 Intro
0:29 Enlisted
1:15 Spellforce 3 Versus Edition
1:52 eFootball PES 2021 Season Update Lite
2:48 Genshin Impact
3:29 Rogue Company
4:16 Path Of Exile
4:53 Bless Unleashed
5:35 Rocket League
6:02 Valorant
6:31 Vigor
7:14 Outro

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  1. IIIIIII just don't wanna play valorant, don't tell me your to blind to see (24% winrate)

  2. Vigor: You can either kill everyone you meet, or, you can head to the nearest extraction point if you like being a little bitch 👌😂

  3. Thanks for your help hitman
    You are great 👍🏻

  4. Best free to play game is warframe 100%facts

  5. as soon as u said valorent a valorent ad poped up

  6. Tysm i dont know what to play and now i have so many games to play

  7. “Runs like shit “ 🤣🤣🤣 it had me dying

  8. wow did he just encouraged ous to download a emulator to play games??

  9. Very entertaining to watch, keep it up brother👍💪

  10. i thought bless unleashed looks good haha

  11. ill post that goomba ass review over and over, are you really DELETING negative reviews? and ONLY allowing good ones? wowwwwww, talk about HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY – its OK I will screenshot this one, so that I can post it on reddit, deleting reviews/comments because they arent what YOU call ideal, is so lame, and honestly, makes me go "oh wow, can I trust his opinion even?" hahaha – anyway, FRONT page reddit for youtubers padding their comment section, I got you.

  12. Hove to dowload the vigor on pc? Pls help

  13. LOL Thank you Hitman, seriously you should have more subs !!!

  14. hey man, haven't watched you in ages! i remember your fifa goalkeeper reviews… the good old days

  15. spellforce 3 versus has 60 players

  16. do u know how can i make genshin impact download faster? it moves 1percent every 15 minutes

  17. Battlefield 1 is free right now if you have twitch prime, and battlefield V will be free as well in August.

  18. I love rouge company but it takes so mutch to get in a game

  19. Rouge Company Is So Repetitive It's Super Fast Pace And I Always Get Low Kills Because People Are All Over The Place Shooting If Your A Fan Of Non Strategy Based Game That Takes Minimum Work Then It's Good But If Not Don't Play It

  20. Okay. I Hit Like Because I Have Never Tried Rocket League But I Will Try Now. Ty

  21. Genshin impact is heavily p2p… and this is coming from someone whose reached AR 38 in a week and 2 days.

  22. PES will now be known as Efootball, which will be Free to Play late this year.

  23. Yooo just received a notification for your vid but it’s 2 months late ffs YouTube 😂. Always love it when you’re being brutally honest 6:55 lmaooo

  24. haha he's stuck up to play with a controller. haha

  25. If Valorant comes to console they better never allow cross platform

  26. I will be adding a few of those games to my play list. Looking forward to playing them!

  27. Hey bro I am not getting football for free on xbox store

  28. just subbed i know a good channel when i see one and srly f*ck then switch players

  29. valorant is so bad a shooter where you practically walk everywhere with like 5 maps XD

  30. If fortnight is on this I'm not leaving a like

  31. Aw man, Vigor looks very interesting. Plus, I'm a chicken, so it'd definitely work for me lmao wish they'd add it for pc ;__;

  32. perfering mouse and keyboard over controller is not stuck up man … people just use what they are used to thats all thats too it

  33. i know i’m not the only one that’s bored of all my games

  34. There is no free to play games…this is just an illusion…at the end you will pay real money for ect ect ect ect

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