Top 10 Free Games You Should Play In 2022! -

Top 10 Free Games You Should Play In 2022!

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Best Free Games PC PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch In 2022
Free Games for PC 2022
Best Free Games PC 2022 PS5 Xbox Series X S free games ps4
Bless Unleashed Century Age Of Ashes Dauntless Enlisted Halo Infinite PUBG Scavengers Splitgate Super Animal Royale Vigor
FPS RPG TPS MMORPG Sports Online Battle Royale Coop

Best RPGs:

Best Split Screen Games:

Back 4 Blood Review:

In this video I show you the Top 10 free to play games you should play in 2022, most of them are available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X S and Nintendo Switch, hope you find this video useful!

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Halo Infinite
1:20 PUBG
1:55 Century Age Of Ashes
2:28 Dauntless
2:58 Super Animal Royale
3:32 Scavengers
4:14 Enlisted
5:07 Bless Unleashed
5:53 Vigor
6:36 Splitgate
7:39 Outro

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  1. I hope you find this video useful! 😜👍 We'll have a review next so stay tuned!

  2. What i dont like is that most free games out there are either battle royale, mmo or ego shooter. I search for games that are fun to play with friends, like Fall Guys, It takes two etc but free

  3. I rememba playing LAIR on PS3 back in da days and Century looks so similar to it
    Happy New Year HittheMan!!!!

  4. Hitman needs to be arrested for 1:45. Had me there for a split second ngl 💀

  5. Why wasn’t efootball on the list🤣 Good video as always bro keep it up 👊

  6. Where’s my goalkeeper reviews bro 😂😂😂😂😂 good to see you back 👋

  7. Love splitgate so good be cool to have some people 2 play with tho

  8. Why The Fuck is Vigor for all console but for the PC not

  9. Nice notifications, just 1 day late👍🏻. ”Everyone can play, even if ur broke” Thanks Hitman


  11. You're still one of my fav. YouTube-ers. 'Glad to see your channel is getting the attention it deserves.

  12. You just earner yourself a sub. Great content and narration.

  13. man I just wish there were more free Single Player games. Or at least non shooter games. Im so tired of that genre, honestly its gotten so bad and stail. Whats even more sad is the lack of non shooter games coming out even which are paid

  14. what do you think of WARFRAME? congratulations for your work!

  15. Century Age Of Ashes is on PS4 ?
    Edit: I don't have PC

  16. Dude how tf did I actually fall for the elden ring thing I legit did like a mini jump irl

  17. what are you talking about. PUBG is NOT f2p it's just a campain to buy a pubg plus

  18. played them all but i can only recommend splitgate even if that games weapons are a crap. the game is much fun.

  19. I would love the gameplay with no commentary its less annoying

  20. The only reason I didn’t play vigor is because the matchmaking in my console take about…………….25 minutes

  21. I'm here here for your great contents, from shoulduolay btw.

  22. Hey! sent here from Should You Play It, and btw your list is really helpful

  23. age of ashes was hella fun the first 2 weeks, but devs only adding cosmetics instead of more gamemodes, which made the game less fun to play. oh and crashing

  24. Awesomeness love all these game’s and I get most my games from steam and epic games

  25. Scavangers is on PC too,I played it but its not so good

  26. I’m having trouble getting scavenger on ps5

  27. Lmfao those broke ass mutherfuckers had me dying xD

  28. Ayo, Should You Play It? sent me here. I'm going to watch you now 😆

  29. Great games, great video, great channel.
    Love from Jordan

  30. Warframe and Dungeon Defenders II are pretty good as well.

  31. HOW DARE YOU! I'm not broke…

    I'm super broke 😳

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